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Suite - JavaScript UI Components Library

The DHTMLX UI component library allows you to build cross-platform, cross-browser web and mobile apps faster. It includes a rich set of ready-to-use HTML5 components that can be easily combined into a single application interface of any complexity. Each HTML5 component is based on Material Design and can be easily customized via CSS templates.

The DHTMLX JS UI components are compatible with popular JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue.js. The built-in TypeScript support helps to accelerate the development process with DHTMLX. Besides, you can implement the DHTMLX HTML5 components on the back-end and utilize them with any server-side technologies: PHP, Java, ASP.NET, Ruby, Grails, ColdFusion, Python, etc.

DHTMLX JavaScript components are delivered in one package as the DHTMLX Suite UI widget library. The advantage of using the whole Suite is that the logic model of the UI widgets in HTML5 and the API creation approach are similar. This simplifies the understanding of the library and speeds up the development of web interfaces. Mutual integration of the DHTMLX JavaScript UI widgets enables you to create advanced web apps with less effort and time. At the same time, it's possible to use DHTMLX Grid, DHTMLX TreeGrid, DHTMLX Tree, DHTMLX Chart, and DHTMLX Calendar as separate JavaScript widget libraries.

Gantt - JavaScript Gantt Chart

DHTMLX Gantt allows you to create and edit interactive project management diagrams, also known as Gantt charts. With DHTMLX Gantt, you can build a web-based replacement for project planning tools like MS Project.

Scheduler - Full-Featured JavaScript Scheduling Calendar

DHTMLX Scheduler offers web UI components for creating a rich and intuitive scheduling solution similar to Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Apple's iCal, or Google Calendar. There is also an ASP.NET version of the Scheduler.

Kanban - JavaScript Kanban Board

DHTMLX Kanban is a feature-packed JavaScript components library for visually arranging workflows and handling tasks of your project in a clear way via fully customizable boards and cards. This widget can be integrated with DHTMLX Gantt and Scheduler, becoming a robust addition to any project management app.

JavaScript Kanban

To Do List - JavaScript/HTML5 To Do List

DHTMLX To Do List complements our portfolio of HTML5 UI widgets with efficient task management functionality. It includes modifiable checklists, which can also be easily combined with DHTMLX Gantt to maximize the success of your project. The component features convenient keyboard navigation, ability to assign participants and due dates, and allows searching for tasks by tags or symbols.

HTML To Do List

Event Calendar - Lightweight JavaScript Event Calendar

With DHTMLX Event Calendar, you can build an intuitive Google-like event calendar with a configurable timeline, editor, and sidebar. Users can create a desirable number of events, categorize them between calendars, and resize them via drag-n-drop. You may easily customize the Event Calendar appearance by setting one of the built-in themes or adding new CSS templates.

Event Calendar

Diagram - JavaScript/HTML5 Diagram Library

DHTMLX Diagram comprises a set of interactive HTML5 UI components such as organization charts, flowcharts, decision trees, block diagrams, mind maps, etc. Consisting of nodes and connectors, diagrams can help you to visualize company/department structure, family trees, algorithms, and more. Live editors allow creating various graphics without any code manipulations.

Grid - JavaScript Data Grid

DHTMLX Grid is a highly configurable and robust HTML5 widget library for creating data tables for enterprise-grade apps. It provides all the essential features for conveniently organizing, editing, filtering, and sorting content.

JavaScript Data Grid

Pivot - JavaScript Pivot Table

DHTMLX Pivot is a powerful addition to our HTML5 components library for working with big datasets and filtering and sorting data. It allows displaying the results of various operations like counting, finding sums, minimum and maximum values as well as any other custom operations automatically.

JavaScript Pivot Table

Vault - JavaScript File Upload Component

DHTMLX Vault is a small HTML component library that helps you implement HTML5-based file uploading functionality for your web app or website. Vault also allows downloading and manipulating multiple files, canceling the upload, implementing file validation, etc. It comes with support for Angular, React, and Vue.js.

Js File Uploader

Spreadsheet - Web-Based Spreadsheet Solution

DHTMLX Spreadsheet is a framework-agnostic JavaScript solution that allows you to quickly add an editable Excel-like spreadsheet on a web page. Unlike online services, DHTMLX Spreadsheet allows you to store data on your own server and display it in a table view in edit or read-only mode. It also provides support for popular math formulas and string functions.

Web Based Spreadsheet

RichText - JavaScript/HTML Rich Text Editor

DHTMLX RichText is a rich text editor, which supports parsing and serialization of content in HTML and Markdown formats. It can be easily integrated with our HTML5 component library. It is compatible with Angular, React, and Vue.js.

JavaScript Rich Text Editor