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I'm pretty happy with the software because it's very easy and quick to implement. I love to have fast results, it definitely helps. It was very useful to see the Scheduler demos on your website. These demos helped us to see how things are working in real-case scenarios. I think that your demos that looked and worked really well made me choose DHTMLX.
Jeroen van Lierop
product manager at the Netherlands-based startup QN Projects
Your software is the most professional one I've seen for the last few years. Your support team is fast, friendly and highly competent - and above all I am very glad that even your prices are fair and affordable.
Alexander P.
We were looking for a project management plugin to help reduce our time to market and development costs. That is why we are using DHTMLX Gantt. I tested a free version of your Gantt product and I was satisfied with the API provided with the plugin. Your product fitted my needs and it was easy to integrate it into my application.
Thomas Meghe
senior developer at the French company Echo on
DHTMLX script was a great asset. It's a clean UI and good interface and easy to set up.
Syam P.
We've been using DHTMLX libraries since 2005/06. It's pretty simple. You guys build controls we couldn't possibly do. Before that, we used straight HTML. Using DHTMLX lets us concentrate primarily on the functional aspects of the application and be able to deliver a modern sophisticated user interface without having to build those kinds of controls ourselves.
David Basri
president of the American software company Point Enterprises, Inc.
With DHTMLX, you get quick solutions with a simple approach.
Eduardo Almeida
We really needed a way to show scheduled events and create new events on a calendar. We also needed the drag-and-drop rescheduling. The DHTMLX Scheduling calendar fits those needs nicely. Everything that came out of the box worked for us and we were easily able to add some new features to our product.
Eric K.
We purchased the Ultimate license for DHTMLX Gantt. We are embedding your product into our software. Especially for the parts where you will need the project schedule, the project Gantt, like for the NPD management. With the help of DHTMLX Gantt, our tools will help clients to decommission legacy and standalone tools that may not be suitable to scale up together with the business.
Raffaele Marranzini
CEO of Lean IT Consulting
We use the Gantt charts for managing the production process and supply chain in medium sized companies in Eastern Europe. It's flexible, it has many options and the most important thing for us is that all of those options are subject to custom code. Most of our projects require custom tailored solutions so this was our priority when choosing the product.
Administrator in food production
Extremely lightweight for the browser compared to our existing custom-built Gantt chart, and has all the necessary features.
Margus Lanto
We continue to be a customer of theirs so that is a testament to the value that they provide. Great out of the box functionality. Great value for money.
Tyler W.
technical lead
The API is extremely flexible, well documented and easy to understand if you need to look at underlying source code. The support has been responsive and high quality. We would absolutely recommend using DHTMLX and are even considering using some other products that they offer based on our experience so far.
Hive Team
The products from dhtmlx are already out-of-box, very good to use, and really easy to implement and adept. The functions are well thought and the support is 10 stars +, even before buying. This is outstanding!
Carsten S.
head of process management
We researched around 6 different Angular libraries for our project's need of Gantt & Scheduler. Only DHTMLX has all the features that we needed. Their support has been excellent to help with our questions promptly.
Jaimin S.
director of IT
For Splitvice, dhtmlxGantt fits with what we need. It's a stand-alone component, without an extra run-time fee. It's flexible and highly customizable. We get good support when we need it, but most of our questions are found right in the knowledge database.
Splitvice Team
We are using DHTMLX since about 10 years and we are really happy to use it!
Hugues Duborper
I bought a DHTMLXGrid Pro license about a year ago. So far I have always been able to find a solution for the improvements I wanted to make to the Coldfusion application that I am still developing using the extensive functionality of the DHTMLX library and Coldfusion connector.
Mark G.
It's stable. It's easy to set up, even if you don’t have too much development experience. It’s highly customizable. It's full of features out of the box (and if something missing, you can write your own addon to cover missing functionality). It's beautiful out of the box, which is not always the case for similar components. Workload functionality is included, which is not the case for such components.
Dmitry (Dan) Dudin
CEO at GanttPRO
We use the Scheduler product and I see DHTMLX as an accelerator of our business to reduce the time to market to launch new features. With it, I can focus my team on the specific points and business rules. DHTMLX Scheduler meets all my needs. In addition, the components are beautiful, fast and reliable.
Mauricio F.
Your Gantt is very powerful, very easy and, most importantly for us, user-friendly, because construction workers do not always have high computer skills. We are very excited and hope that all development stages will be completed successfully.
Cem Turnagöl
civil engineer and project manager
I like the scheduler module since it has quite a lot of customization options and there aren't any other software like that.
Administrator in pharmaceuticals
We saw that many samples from DHTMLX were already provided with use cases that were important for us. So, we were quite sure that we could implement the things that we wanted to implement because there were some samples we could work on. We got some key features like grouping by resources, auto-scheduling, undo, but overall it was high performance and ease of using it.
Christoph Hüsson
senior developer at the German software service provider scholz.msconsulting
The Diagram Tool makes the Hierarchy presentation easy for the user to understand. Adding or removing branches to the Hierarchy is very easy and quick. You must review this product before deciding on any other products.
Industry analyst / tech writer in information technology and services
Thank you for a very impressive framework. It is amazingly easy to create stunning applications I must say. You can accomplish so much with so little code. Five stars from us!
Robert Nilsson
RMIT Interactive AB
Documentation & support of DHTMLX are very good. We experienced the implementation of this solution and it was quite easy / fast to set up (good structure of libraries, documentation easy to understand). We are now daily using the solution since it is one of our main official company tools. So, easy to implement and maintain. Regular updates (fixes, improvements, etc.). Highly recommended.
Adrien V.
project manager
The most appreciated features of the DHTMLX library are the perfectly integrated set of standard user interface components, a well designed API easy to understand and the really extensive documentation that really speeds up the development.
VGS Global Team
First off, I really appreciate the various examples of how to utilize their Gantt library and the level of detail in their documentation. Both of these have made adoption drastically faster. As far as features, for the application that I'm working on it requires a Gantt that can support cyclic dependencies and I was happy to see cycles were supported.
Mathew G.
DHTMLX was the JavaScript Library of choice because of its speed and straight-forward syntax and there are similarly unfavorable shortcomings with other JavaScript Libraries.
Sergei Sheinin
creator of JS2DX
We found that the flexibility inherent in this product (dhtmlxScheduler) along with the incredibly responsive and helpful support team was key in successfully delivering what was requested.
WebAuthor Team
The software is easy to use and was very easy to implement into our software. I like that with the documentation there are comments and questions from other users. That is helpful when I'm trying to implement a new feature. The design of the gantt chart is very clean and is also very easy to customize.
Ina M.
software engineer
Thanks again for helping me out. You've demonstrated that the Scheduler plugin is highly robust and extremely comprehensive and a mature developed product to meet most all/any needs from a calendar application.
chief web architect at SPORTA ME & CO
It's the best Gantt chart out there with no close competitors, contains almost all functionalities needed, has a good support team and quite easy to use, extend and customize.
Sanjay Tripathi
Thousands of web apps worldwide benefit from DHTMLX JavaScript UI libraries.
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