Your software is the most professional one I've seen for the last few years. Your support team is fast, friendly and highly competent - and above all I am very glad that even your prices are fair and affordable.

Alexander P.

With DHTMLX, you get quick solutions with a simple approach.

Eduardo Almeida

Thank you for a very impressive framework. It is amazingly easy to create stunning applications I must say. You can accomplish so mush with so little code. Five stars from us!

Robert Nilsson
RMIT Interactive AB

Extremely lightweight for the browser compared to our existing custom-built Gantt chart, and has all the necessary features.

Margus Lanto

DHTMLX was the JavaScript Library of choice because of its speed and straight-forward syntax and there are similarly unfavorable shortcomings with other JavaScript Libraries.

Sergei Sheinin
creator of JS2DX

The most appreciated features of the DHTMLX library are the perfectly integrated set of standard user interface components, a well designed API easy to understand and the really extensive documentation that really speeds up the development.

VGS Global Team

Thanks again for helping me out. You've demonstrated that the Scheduler plugin is highly robust and extremely comprehensive and a mature developed product to meet most all/any needs from a calendar application.

Chief Web Architect, SPORTA ME & CO

The API is extremely flexible, well documented and easy to understand if you need to look at underlying source code. The support has been responsive and high quality. We would absolutely recommend using DHTMLX and are even considering using some other products that they offer based on our experience so far.

Hive Team

We found that the flexibility inherent in this product (dhtmlxScheduler) along with the incredibly responsive and helpful support team was key in successfully delivering what was requested.

WebAuthor Team

For Splitvice, dhtmlxGantt fits with what we need. It's a stand-alone component, without an extra run-time fee. It's flexible and highly customizable. We get good support when we need it, but most of our questions are found right in the knowledge database.

Splitvice Team

It's the best Gantt chart out there with no close competitors, contains almost all functionalities needed, has a good support team and quite easy to use, extend and customize.

Sanjay Tripathi

We are using DHTMLX since about 10 years and we are really happy to use it!

Hugues Duborper