JavaScript DatePicker

JavaScript DatePicker

You can use dhtmlxCalendar as an individual component or as a part of dhtmlxSuite

Product Features

  • Cross-browser support: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Safari, Chrome
  • Full control with JavaScript API
  • Simple configuration
  • The ability to set inactive dates
  • Configurable first day of the week
  • Easy connection to text input
  • Built-in multilingual support
  • "Today" button
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Live Demo

Popup JavaScript datepicker for your app
dhtmlxCalendar is a lightweight cross-browser JavaScript calendar widget which can be configured as a popup date picker or a flat calendar. The component is easy-to-use and fully customizable. JavaScript datepicker can be attached to any text input field and provides fast and intuitive date selection in web- based apps.
Date range selection tool
dhtmlxCalendar features custom date format, the choice of any day as the first day of week, a year drop down list, and various skins and languages to choose from. JavaScript datepicker can also be used as a date range selection tool, when dates prior to and after the available date range are disabled accordingly.
Complete JavaScript API
Like other DHTMLX components, dhtmlxCalendar provides a complete JavaScript API to give developers broad control over its state and behavior.

Editions and Licenses

Standard GNU GPL v2
Free under GPL
  • Use in unlimited projects
  • Forum support
  • Minor and Major updates
Standard Commercial license
up to 5 developers
  • Use in one project
  • Standard ticket support
  • 1 month of updates (minor, major, bugfixes)
Favorable terms
for companies
Standard Enterprise license
per company
  • Use in unlimited projects
  • Premium ticket support
  • 12 months of updates (minor, major, bugfixes)

Support & Learning Resources

Technical samples

All JavaScript Calendar features are accompanied by an online sample.

Ticket support

Create a support request and get fast and qualified help from our support/development team.


Our detailed documentation can teach you how to use JavaScript Calendar and effectively implement it in your own applications. It provides detailed information regarding each aspect of the widget.

Community forum

If you don't have an active support subscription, you are welcome to post your technical questions to our forum. It's moderated by our official support team.

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