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JavaScript Pivot Table - Powerful Data Summarizing and Reporting

Improve your business intelligence by visualizing your complex data with our high-speed JavaScript/HTML5 Pivot component.

It helps you to summarize large data sets in a convenient way.

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Key features

Our JavaScript pivot grid component provides fast performance with large data sets. It's an important benefit for business applications where you need to work with hundreds and thousands of records. DHX Pivot renders considerable amount of data equally well in all web browsers.

The Pivot appearance is fully configurable. All the elements of JavaScript/HTML5 Pivot table layout can be adjusted according to your needs. There is a set of attributes that you can use to modify the look and feel of your table in the blink of an eye.

Since Pivot tables are intended to work with large amount of data, the possibility to load data into your table easily is a must. Our JavaScript pivot grid component supports data loading in the JSON format, which is the simplest and most convenient way.


The end users may want to have labels and elements of a web pivot table in a different language. You can make use of the related Pivot API to fully localize its interface. Thus the component will be displayed in the necessary language. And even may show currency symbols specific to the localization you choose.

Due to simple initialization, which takes just a few steps, DHX Pivot grid has an extremely short learning curve that significantly increases the development speed.


Besides 4 preset types of data operations (sum, max, min, and count), you can add your own operations, which show how flexible our javascript pivot table is. Check docs for more details.

Since version 1.3 pivot table contains the footer, where the resulting values of operations are displayed.

Starting from the version 1.1, the sorting feature is available in dhtmlxPivot. A single click on header of the row, and an ascending/descending sorting icons will appear.

You can apply the filters to display the selective data, narrow or extend your data query. This can be achieved by either pre-defined filters (before data aggregation) or on-the-fly by using UI elements for this.


In your web pivot table you can style the cells based on specific conditions. As an example, you can highlight min and max values of the cells by different colors. Check the docs.

Besides, you can add any custom content to the cell that you need like checkboxes and other elements.

You can export the pivot grid in an excel file using our online export service or get your own export module. The exported documents will include styles and templates you have added to dhtmlxPivot.

Why dhtmlxPivot?

  • Pure JavaScript library, easily integrated with any server side
  • No 3rd party dependencies
  • Extensive API to configure it for any needs
  • Fast loading of large datasets
  • Cross-browser and cross-platform support
  • Customizable look and feel
  • 4 steps and you embed js pivot grid to your app
  • More functionality is coming, we accept feature requests

What's new in dhtmlxPivot

The latest version of dhtmlxPivot is 1.3. Read the release notes. Here are the highlights of this update:
Footer for Total Values
Footer for Total Values
Custom Content in Cells
Custom Content in Cells
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