JavaScript DataView

JavaScript DataView

You can use dhtmlxDataView as an individual component or as a part of dhtmlxSuite

Product Features

  • Select single items
  • Multiple selection
  • Group selection
  • Inline editing
  • Rich JavaScript API
  • Drag-and-drop within DataView
  • Drag-and-drop between DataView and dhtmlxGrid, dhtmlxTree, or any other HTML container
  • Smart rendering
  • Paging
  • Dynamic loading
  • Cross-browser support
  • Add/delete items: simple, complex, with any set of custom properties
  • 3 predefined views

Live Demo

Change view:
Get your data organized
DHTMLX DataView is a client-side JavaScript component that displays a collection of objects according to a user-defined template. It allows you to arrange multiple objects with similar properties within a single container and get your data organized.
Rich JavaScript API
If you're building an online store, or image gallery, or need to show a number of similar objects on a page, you can use DHTMLX DataView, which will greatly simplify this task. Due to the rich JavaScript API, you can control any visual aspect of object rendering and create an Ajax- enabled item browser with any design you want.
Smart rendering, paging, and dynamic loading support
There is no limit to the number of objects you can put into the DataView. Smart rendering, paging, and dynamic loading functionality allow you to display hundreds or thousands of objects without loss of performance. For easy of use, smart-rendering mode is enabled by default in the components and will effectively handle lots of items loaded into the DataView.
Server-side connectors and easy data loading
The JavaScript DataView component works with dhtmlxConnector (PHP, Java, ASP.NET, and Cold Fusion), which provides automatic saving and loading of data from the server-side database using Ajax. A variety of data sources can be used to load the content within a DataView elements: JSON, XML, JavaScript array, HTML, or CSV.
Cross-browser support
This JavaScript DataView component is a handy tool for building an Ajax-powered item viewer which will work equally well in all major web browsers (IE, FF, Opera, Chrome, and Safari).

Editions and Licenses

Standard GNU GPL v2
Free under GPL
  • Use in unlimited projects
  • Forum support
  • Minor and Major updates
Standard Commercial license
up to 5 developers
  • Use in one project
  • Standard ticket support
  • 1 month of updates (minor, major, bugfixes)
Favorable terms
for companies
Standard Enterprise license
per company
  • Use in unlimited projects
  • Premium ticket support
  • 12 months of updates (minor, major, bugfixes)

Support & Learning Resources

Technical samples

All DataView features are accompanied by an online sample

Ticket support

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Our detailed documentation can teach you how to use DataView and effectively implement it in your own applications. It provides the detailed information regarding each aspect of the widget.

Community forum

If you don't have an active support subscription, you are welcome to post your technical questions to our forum. It's moderated by our official support team.

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