Get a 70% Discount on DHTMLX Licenses for Your Startup

One-year license for DHTMLX JavaScript components to help you cut your time-to-market and deliver top-notch software solutions.


Smooth integration
No matter which technologies you use in your software application, DHTMLX will suit you. DHTMLX components are pure JavaScript, and you can integrate them with anything on the client and server side. You can consult our integration guides and samples or ask our tech support for additional integration examples.
Configurable and customizable interface
If you need to fine-tune a part of the interface, a rich and flexible API provides plenty of configuration options. Besides, the DHTMLX components are easily customizable via CSS and various templates. You can create a unique interface that precisely serves your needs.
Mature widgets
DHTMLX widgets are stable and mature, encompassing years of developers' experience and hundreds of business requirements. We have created them with a deep knowledge of developers' needs, usage scenarios, and user feedback. You will make your apps feature-rich with little effort.
Modern UI and UX
The look and behavior of the DHTMLX components answer the modern web design and user experience guidelines. Their appearance is well-thought-out and responsive out of the box. There are also built-in skins to choose the preferable style. You won't even need a designer.

What You Get as a Startup

70% discount
If you qualify for the startup program, you will get a much-reduced price for the DHTMLX license, which lets you kickstart your project with minimal budget and effort. The Startup discount applies to DHTMLX Gantt, Scheduler, and Suite.
Personalized technical support
During the licensing period, you will receive technical support from the DHTMLX team via email. The Startup license grants you free 30 support requests within a year. The response time from our tech support team is up to 2 business days (48 hours).
License for 3 developers
The Startup license allows you to engage up to 3 developers in the work on your product. The license is valid for 1 year, during which you can launch an mvp, test your product, and bring your solution to market.
Usage in SaaS applications
The Startup license allows using the DHTMLX components for the development of SaaS applications. We do not charge for the number of end-users of your cloud apps. Thus, there will be no additional fees to cover your growing customer base.
Comprehensive support materials
We have accumulated a huge collection of code snippets, samples, demos, and guides to help you get started with the DHTMLX components quicker, configure them to your requirements, and customize if needed.


Your startup idea
Gathering a team
Go-to-market strategy
Reinforcing with DHTMLX widgets
Testing an MVP
Successful product launch

For Which DHTMLX Products Is This License?

Startup License Terms
License for 1 year
Up to 3 developers
1 project including SaaS apps
Multiple Gantt/Scheduler instances per page
All major, minor and maintenance updates within a year
Premium support plan (30 support requests, 48h response time)
$ 569
$ 1899
DHTMLX Scheduler
$ 539
$ 1799
$ 659
$ 2199

Sign up for the Startup Program to Get a 70% Discount

To get a discount, you need to pass a qualification process. Just send us the filled questionnaire, which you can get below, - and we will check if your project matches our program. Having successfully qualified for the program, you'll receive a purchase link with a discounted price.
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Thank you for submitting a form for the Startup program!
We will analyze your answers and decide whether your company qualifies for the Startup program. We will process your answers and get back to you in a couple of business days. Please note that filling in the form doesn't guarantee getting a 70% discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you grant a 70% discount to any startup?

We ask companies and individuals to fill out a questionnaire and send it to us in order to run a verification process. After the verification, we reserve the right to decline an application. Only those who meet the criteria for the program will be able to get a Startup license as our special offer.

Is the Startup license perpetual?

No, the Startup license is not perpetual. It is for one year only. In a year, when the license expires, you can buy a normal perpetual license to continue using DHTMLX in your product. You can get acquainted with the Startup license terms following the link.

What happens when my Startup license expires?

When a Startup license expires, we will offer you to purchase a perpetual DHTMLX license to continue using DHTMLX components in your application. The perpetual license gives you the right to use DHTMLX forever. It will also grant you access to the latest updates and tech support for the following year. If your product based on DHTMLX is still in the pre-launch stage in a year or you need more time to monetize, you can buy a Startup license for another year. Otherwise, without a proper license, you will lose the right to use DHTMLX in your product.

Which DHTMLX widgets can I buy at a 70% discount?

Under the startup program, we offer three DHTMLX components: Gantt, Scheduler, and Suite. You can choose one, two or all three components and purchase their Startup license at a 70% discount from the original price. The discount is calculated based on the price of the license for 3 developers and one SaaS project.