Salesforce Gantt Chart for Project Management

Integrate a full-featured Gantt chart with Salesforce Lightning component in your project management app safely and easily using our powerful JavaScript library - dhtmlxGantt. Our technical support team will assist you in every step of the integration process. Otherwise, to save you time and effort - we may do the job for you.

Salesforce Gantt Chart

Why Use DHTMLX Gantt Chart in Salesforce Lightning?

dhtmlxGantt is one of the most comprehensive JavaScript Gantt chart libraries
for building highly efficient cross-browser cross-platform project management applications.
We provide you with a steady bridge for implementing our powerful tool in your Salesforce apps.

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The best of Gantt chart
and Salesforce Lightning
The best of Gantt chart and Salesforce Lightning
These two frameworks are recognized tools for developing reliable enterprise software for small, medium-sized, and large businesses. While Salesforce offers top-notch ready-made solutions, dhtmlxGantt enriches them with a variety of handy features and complete customization for managing projects efficiently.
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Safe and speedy way to build
Salesforce project management apps
Safe and speedy way to build Salesforce project management apps
Our Gantt chart library is easily and, what’s most important, securely assembled with Salesforce Lightning components due to the compliance with the LockerService mechanism. It enables you to create Salesforce project management apps based on Gantt with less effort and at top speed.
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Expert technical support for
smooth integration
Expert technical support for smooth integration
The whole process of implementing our Gantt chart in your project is accompanied by online technical support of our development team. You are granted with as many support requests as you need and an average response time of up to 24h on business days.
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Salesforce custom application
Salesforce custom application development
In case you don’t have time and resources to integrate Gantt into your Salesforce app on your own, we are always ready to do it for you from scratch. You can rely on our experienced development team to assemble a custom-made Salesforce application with a Gantt chart tailored to your needs.

Aura vs Lightning Web Components

We have developed two ways of integrating our Gantt chart into your Salesforce platform.

It's possible with both Aura components and Lightning web components.

Salesforce Aura Components
If you’d like to integrate Gantt with Aura components, contact us to receive all the necessary instructions.
Lightning Web Components
You can try out DHTMLX Gantt with Lightning web components using our GitHub demo.

About DHTMLX Gantt Chart

Tens of thousands of tasks rendered
dhtmlxGantt is marked by its robust performance being able to process an immense number of tasks at a time. It gives an advantage of scaling projects up to 10000+ tasks with no harm to the efficiency. Whether you have a small project with 100 tasks or a huge one with tens of thousands of tasks, you will still get a stably working Gantt.
Tens of Thousands of Tasks Rendered
20 ready-to-use extensions
Apart from common features, Gantt has a range of helpful extensions to fine-tune project management apps and cover various use cases and needs. Starting from tooltips, full-screen mode, status line to auto scheduling, smart rendering, and custom content, Gantt opens up plenty of opportunities to achieve the desired look and feel and UX.
20 ready-to-use extensions
Resource management features
The highlight of Gantt is resource management functionality, which allows expertly allocating and managing multiple resources. Resource load diagrams and histograms contribute to an accurate workload estimation. This rich feature set is to the advantage of any project like construction works, logistics, product development, etc.
Resource management features
All-covering customization
By default, Gantt provides 7 skins, including Material-based one, and a range of predefined templates. However, numerous customization options enable you to change any element (tasks, links, tooltips) as well as modify the existing templates of the grid, timeline, lightbox, etc., so that your Gantt chart could be a perfect fit for your Salesforce project management app.
All-covering customization

Salesforce Gantt Chart for Developers and Project Managers

gannt chart web dewelopment
As a developer:
  • You sidestep the problem of third-party libraries’ compatibility with Salesforce, as dhtmlxGantt provides you with a smooth and secure way of integration due to using LockerService
  • You get a comprehensive developer toolkit at your disposal for creating full-featured Gantt charts with intuitive UI and user-friendly UX, flawless customization, and powerful performance
  • You receive support from an experienced team of DHTMLX developers with 10+ years of expertise in web and mobile app development
gannt chart web dewelopment
As a project manager:
  • You make the most out of the two top-rated frameworks - Salesforce Lightning component and DHTMLX Gantt chart library, which both provide the combination of leading-edge functionality and insightful design
  • You achieve your project management goals faster benefiting from numerous ready-to-use Gantt features such as resource management, backward planning, critical path, and many others
  • You enjoy the seamless work of the Gantt chart integrated into your Salesforce app complementing an out-of-the-box solution with our tool entirely customized to your needs

We offer special terms for companies developing Salesforce apps. Contact us to learn more:

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