F. A. Q.


We want to include your DHTMLX component in our product and then sell it to our customer. If we buy Commercial/Enterprise license of your product, can we do it?

Yes, you can. According to the terms of both Commercial and Enterprise licenses, you are allowed to distribute the DHTMLX components as a part of your product (if it is not a competitor to our component/library). The only restrictions are:

  • You are not allowed to distribute the components standalone or within any kind of web framework/toolkit that allows your customers to reuse the DHTMLX source code for building their own applications.
  • You are not allowed to distribute the components' sources (js file with comments stored in the 'sources' folder). You should include the compressed files from the 'codebase' folder in your product.
  • You have to keep text in js files which mentions our company as an owner of the copyrights.
Do we need to renew the license (annually/monthly)?

No, the license is perpetual for the version you get and all updates available during support/upgrade period.

You can renew the support subscription for the product, but it's optional.

We want to use DHTMLX component for both web and mobile app. Which license do I need to purchase?

If it's the same application with the same codebase, then the Commercial license is enough.

If there are two different applications with different codebase you need to purchase Enterprise license or two Commercial licenses.

Is dhtmlxScheduler / dhtmlxVault / dhtmlxGantt included in the dhtmlxSuite library?

No, dhtmlxScheduler, dhtmlxVault and dhtmlxGantt are separate components. Please check the list of UI components that are included in the dhtmlxSuite package.

Purchase Process

What are the possible payment methods?

You can select the payment method from the list of them in the "Payment method" field. Among them you can find credit/debit card, PayPal, WebMoney, wire (bank) transfer, Yandex.Money, phone/fax order, purchase order, cash.

Can we pay through company's purchase orders rather than the online payment method?

Yes. For this, fill out the form on the order page of the product, choose "Purchase Order" in the field "Payment method", click "Submit Order" and you will receive the further instructions.

How do we get the product (delivery method)?

When you pay for the purchase and your payment is confirmed you receive a download link to the product. This link is sent to the email address provided in the payment registration form.

The one who will pay the purchase is different with the one who will use the product. Which name should I put in the "First name" and "Last name" in the form?

It doesn't matter what name is put in the form.

The license is registered to the company, not to the one user/developer.

The email address that is entered in the form will be used as a contact email for the license and as a default email to login to the support system. The contact address is also used for sending updates and notifications and it can be changed. As for the login to the support system, after the purchase we can create an additional user so another person can login with his/her email address to the online support system and submit tickets. If you want to change the contact email address or add an additional user to the support system, please send us an email.

Getting Support

We've just purchased Commercial license. Our confirmation email indicated that we would only receive support for the first 30 days. We would prefer 5 support requests during the year (instead of unlimited for 30 days).

If the number of submitted tickets during 30 days is less than 5, then you can submit the rest of the tickets during the year. In case if you have any problems with login, please contact us.

How do we get the upgrades/updates that are included in our support subscription?

You will receive an email with the download link when the new version is released. The download link is sent to the email address that you provided in the payment registration form. Please make sure that our emails do not get filtered by your spam-filters. Moreover, you can login to your cabinet and download the update by yourself.

I've just submitted a support ticket. What is your average response time?

Usually we provide replies within 24 hours on working days.

I've posted a question on the forum but didn't get a reply from you till now.

Though our official support team tries to help everyone on the forum, it's still a community place, i.e. it's not of our high priority.

Development Services

We have some ideas on how to extend the functionality of the DHTMLX products. Can we request those enhancements? Would you agree to do it for us? Would there be a fee?

We value feedback of our customers! We would be glad to receive any feedback from you. Please send us an email describing the enhancements, and we will get in touch with you ASAP. If your ideas align with our vision for future product releases, we will implement them for free.

There would, however, be a charge to implement enhancements that are unlikely to be included in future product releases. Nonetheless, we appreciate your ideas and look forward to continue building what many say are the best JavaScript components in the world.

I would like to use the DHTMLX components in my product. Could you do the integration for me?

Yes, we would definitely be interested. Such implementation projects provide us with great insight into the needs and problems our customers experience in using the DHTMLX library. One cannot underestimate the value of this insight. Since the cost of this service depends on the scope of the work, please contact us for estimates.

Since we expect that you would also seek to protect your confidentiality and intellectual property, we always sign a non-disclosure agreement with clients who provide us with access to their application. When security requirements preclude the release of your source code, we have the ability to prototype the use of our components in an application similar to yours.

We plan to develop a project for our clients, and we'd like to subcontract your engineers. Do you provide outsourcing software development services?

Yes, we can definitely support the development of custom projects, including outsourcing services for software development, testing, technical writing, etc.

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement with us? Who owns the custom software that you develop for us?

We normally sign and send non-disclosure agreements by fax or mail, and we normally transfer all ownership and copyrights on custom software that we develop for our clients.

How do we begin to work with you?

Just send us an email or fill out this form with any questions or clarifications you might need. Otherwise, to get started, please send us:

  • A short concept description or specification of your project
  • The project schedule requirements
  • The number of people you need and the skills you require

We will analyze your request and provide you an answer, usually the next day.

We will send you:

  • Our proposed tools, methods, and solutions for the project
  • Estimated schedule and costs for the job
  • Resumes of employees whom we would like to recommend for the job

At any point in the process above, we welcome your collaboration by phone, fax, web or personal visit. Please feel free to drop us a few lines. We greatly appreciate the feedback!

I am interested in establishing a partnership with you. Would you be open to that?

Sure! We have established relationships with dozens of companies who resell our products and services worldwide. Using our services, even small companies can win and develop large projects. Our clients can achieve huge competitive advantages by charging market rates - or below - in their countries, and then reaping the price difference when outsourcing to our team.

If you have thoughts on how to profit from a partnership with our company, please feel free to drop a few lines to our e-mail address.

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