JavaScript DataGrid Component

JavaScript DataGrid

dhtmlxGrid is a JavaScript grid table library with high performance and great variety of features. You can use dhtmlxGrid as an individual component or as a part of dhtmlxSuite

Product Features

  • Cross-browser compatible (IE, Chrome, FF, Opera, Safari)
  • Full control with JavaScript API
  • Simple JavaScript or XML configuration
  • Integration with HTML forms
  • Filtering, searching, grouping
  • Auto-calculated values in footer/header
  • In-line editing
  • Ready-to-use solutions for large data sets: paging, dynamic loading, Smart Rendering
  • Frozen columns (splitted grid)
  • Clipboard support
  • Server-side integration with dhtmlxConnector
  • Support for subgrids within grid
  • Resizable/movable columns
  • Move rows/columns with drag-and-drop
  • Drag-and-drop to/from dhtmlxTree PRO
  • Combobox, calendar, and more predefined eXcells
  • The ability to create a custom eXcell
  • Math formulas for cells
  • Different keyboard mappings
  • Easy styling with CSS or predefined skins
  • Invisible data blocks for rows/entire grid (userdata)
  • Client-side sorting (string, integer, date, custom) and server-side sorting ready
  • Wide range of event handlers
  • Serialization to XML/CSV and loading from XML/CSV

Live Demo

Fast Performance with Large Datasets
dhtmlxGrid is a full-featured JavaScript grid control that provides cutting-edge functionality, powerful data binding, and fast performance with large data sets. Rich and intuitive JavaScript API makes the grid highly customizable and easy-to-use. dhtmlxGrid can load data from different data sources: XML (custom format supported), JSON, CSV, JavaScript array, and HTML table.
Filtering, Searching, Grouping, Smart Rendering
With this js grid view component, you can easily create nice-looking, Ajax-enabled JavaScript editable tables with rich in-cell editing, built-in filtering, searching, and grouping capabilities. Smart Rendering and paging support ensure fast loading speed even with huge datasets. Numerous event handlers allow you to add necessary interactivity to the grid.
Keyboard Navigation
To navigate javascript tables without a mouse pointer, you can make use of keyboard navigation in grid component. There are 3 predefined keymap commands available: native, MS Excel and MS Access. You can also change any command based on your needs.
Server-Side Integration
Being a 100% client-side JavaScript grid, dhtmlxGrid can be integrated with any server-side technology (PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, and others). The dhtmlxConnector library and Ajax support provide the ability to save and update the grid data on the server automatically in real time without page reload.
Powerful Features for Spreadsheets
dhtmlxGrid supports the most powerful features necessary for Ajax-based spreadsheets, such as merged cells, split mode, the ability to move grid columns (with drag-and-drop or script methods) and copy data to a clipboard (in CSV format).
Various In-Cell Editors
This JavaScript grid component supports various in-cell editors, including date picker, combobox, and other. The extensible architecture allows you to use custom components as cell editors (on a per cell basis), which gives the ability to customize and greatly enrich the grid functionality.
Use JavaScript Datagrid with TypeScript
Since version 5.1, dhtmlxGrid supports TypeScript, so you can use type checking, and as a result you'll have a stable code. What is more, you'll get suggestions and code completion by moders IDEs. Find out more details in our docs.

Editions and Licenses

Standard GNU GPL v2
Free under GPL
  • Use in unlimited projects
  • Forum support
  • Minor and Major updates
Professional Commercial license
up to 5 developers
  • Use in one project
  • Standard ticket support
  • 1 month of updates (minor, major, bugfixes)
Favorable terms
for companies
Professional Enterprise license
per company
  • Use in unlimited projects
  • Premium ticket support
  • 12 months of updates (minor, major, bugfixes)

Demo Apps & Learning Resources

Technical samples

All JS Grid features are accompanied by an online sample. Explore the functionality of the grid component and check its code.

Ticket support

Create a support request and get fast and qualified help from our support/development team.


Our detailed documentation can learn how to use Grid and effectively implement it in your own applications. It provides the detailed information regarding each aspect of the widget.

Community forum

If you don't have an active support subscription, you are welcome to post your technical questions to our forum. It's moderated by our official support team.

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