We create effective JavaScript/HTML5 libraries that allow developers to build powerful and user-friendly web and mobile apps with minimum time and effort.

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Many of Fortune 500 companies are using DHTMLX and rely on its quality and effectiveness. From big enterprises to individual developers, DHTMLX users receive advanced web-based solutions that help them to build richer, faster, and more sophisticated web apps.
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Foster Your Project Development with DHTMLX

DHTMLX facilitates enterprise web and mobile app development in any domain and complexity by providing customizable JavaScript/HTML5 components. Our libraries come with feature-rich well-documented APIs, samples, and step-by-step technical tutorials thus simplifying learning.
Create and edit Gantt charts for project management.
Build intuitive scheduling calendars for event management.
Visualize complex data sets with the help of editable diagrams.
Arrange 20+ UI widgets to build cross-browser web apps.
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Visit our GitHub repository where you can find open-source versions for non-commercial projects, take part in discussions, star our projects, and fork our repos to create new unique products.
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What Customers Say

We saw that many samples from DHTMLX were already provided with use cases that were important for us. So, we were quite sure that we could implement the things that we wanted to implement because there were some samples we could work on. We got some key features like grouping by resources, auto-scheduling, undo, but overall it was high performance and ease of using it.
Christoph Hüsson
Senior Developer at the German software service provider scholz.msconsulting
It's stable. It's easy to set up, even if you don’t have too much development experience. It's highly customizable. It's full of features out of the box (and if something missing, you can write your own addon to cover missing functionality). It's beautiful out of the box, which is not always the case for similar components. Workload functionality is included, which is not the case for such components.
Dmitry (Dan) Dudin
CEO at GanttPRO
We've been using DHTMLX libraries since 2005/06. It's pretty simple. You guys build controls we couldn't possibly do. Before that, we used straight HTML. Using DHTMLX lets us concentrate primarily on the functional aspects of the application and be able to deliver a modern sophisticated user interface without having to build those kinds of controls ourselves.
David Basri
President of the American software company Point Enterprises, Inc.
The most appreciated features of the DHTMLX library are the perfectly integrated set of standard user interface components, a well designed API easy to understand and the really extensive documentation that really speeds up the development.
VGS Global Team
The API is extremely flexible, well documented and easy to understand if you need to look at underlying source code. The support has been responsive and high quality. We would absolutely recommend using DHTMLX and are even considering using some other products that they offer based on our experience so far.
Hive Team
I'm pretty happy with the software because it's very easy and quick to implement. I love to have fast results, it definitely helps. It was very useful to see the Scheduler demos on your website. These demos helped us to see how things are working in real-case scenarios. I think that your demos that looked and worked really well made me choose DHTMLX.
Jeroen van Lierop
Product Manager at the Netherlands-based startup QN Projects
If you have any questions about the evaluation process, feel free to send us an email or schedule a call with our consultant.