JavaScript Ribbon Toolbar

JavaScript Ribbon Toolbar

You can use dhtmlxRibbon as an individual component or as a part of dhtmlxSuite

Product Features

  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • The ability to group buttons into blocks, tabs
  • Various options for data loading (XML file or string, JSON object, JavaScript object)
  • The ability to create custom buttons
  • Full control with JavaScript API
  • Easily attached to Layout, Windows, etc.
  • Different button types: button, text, select button, listed option, two-state button, separator, slider, input, combo, checkbox, segmented button

Live Demo

Intuitive navigation panel with ribbon interface
dhtmlxRibbon is a JavaScript component that allows you to create a nice-looking ribbon interface similar to the one found in MS Office platform. With dhtmlxRibbon, you can quickly create tabbed toolbars with different button types organized in logical blocks and provide your users with an intuitive navigation panel.
Many available button types and custom elements
When creating a ribbon toolbar, you can choose from the list of available button types: button, two-state button, grouped buttons, text, input field, checkboxes, select, combo, slider, etc. Due to rich JavaScript API of dhtmlxRibbon, you can also create your custom button or input element.
Customizable appearance
The ribbon component works in all major web browsers (IE, FF, Safari, Opera, Chrome). As for the look of the ribbon, you can choose from 4 predefined skins or adjust the skin with the online Skin Builder. dhtmlxRibbon is really useful for creating a superior JavaScript-based ribbon toolbar.
Integration with other DHTMLX components
dhtmlxRibbon can be easily attached to any container component of the DHTMLX UI library (such as Windows, Layout, Accordion and Tabbar) with just a single script command. You can use dhtmlxRibbon as a separate control or get it within the dhtmlxSuite package with other UI widgets.

Editions and Licenses

Standard GNU GPL v2
Free under GPL
  • Use in unlimited projects
  • Forum support
  • Minor and Major updates
Standard Commercial license
up to 5 developers
  • Use in one project
  • Standard ticket support
  • 1 month of updates (minor, major, bugfixes)
Favorable terms
for companies
Standard Enterprise license
per company
  • Use in unlimited projects
  • Premium ticket support
  • 12 months of updates (minor, major, bugfixes)

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