JavaScript Message Box

JavaScript Message Box

You can download dhtmlxMessage as a part of dhtmlxSuite only

Product Features

  • Very lightweight (about 4 KB gzipped)
  • Easy customizable
  • Three ready-to-use types: alert box, confirm box, notification box
  • Cross-browser: IE, FF, Chrome, Opera, Safari
  • Different predefined styles
  • Configurable position and display duration

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Alert & Confirm

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JavaScript notification library
dhtmlxMessage is a lightweight JavaScript library for displaying popup messages, alerts and notifications. You can use it to show alert and confirmation boxes or notify the end users about application activity.
Easy customization for your needs
It is easy to customize the appearance and behaviour of JavaScript Message Box to fit your design needs. You can also configure the position of a popup message or notification box and control their display duration. Alert and confirm dialog boxes have a number of callbacks that you can use to define the further page behaviour depending on user actions.
Use JavaScript Message as independent alert, confirm, or popup notification box
You can use the dhtmlxMessage library to display information about other DHTMLX components (for example, notify the users that the grid data has been edited since their last visit) or as an independent alert, confirm, or notification box. dhtmlxMessage is included in the dhtmlxSuite package but also can be used as an individual component.

Editions and Licenses

dhtmlxMessage is available in the Standard Edition only and can be downloaded as a part of dhtmlxSuite.

You can use dhtmlxMessage for free under GNU General Public License v2, or Free License that allows you to use this component in a non-GPL application/website.

Open Source - GPL v2 - Allows you to use dhtmlxMessage in open source, GPL-ed projects for free.

Free License - Allows you to use dhtmlxMessage in non-GPL, proprietary projects (applications) at no charge.

Support & Learning Resources

Technical samples

All JavaScript Message Box features are accompanied by an online sample

Ticket support

Create a support request and get fast and qualified help from our support/development team.


Our detailed documentation can teach you how to use JavaScript Message Box and effectively implement it in your own applications. It provides the detailed information regarding each aspect of the widget.

Community forum

If you don't have an active support subscription, you are welcome to post your technical questions to our forum. It's moderated by our official support team.

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