Convenient Booking Widget for Your Website

Build a real-time availability calendar with flexible feature set and clean UI. Combine with DHTMLX Scheduler to gain outstanding scheduling solution.

DHTMLX widgets are already used in thousands of projects around the world.

DHTMLX Availability Calendar Features

For business
For clients
Setting working hours
Enable companies to set working hours so their customers can check real-time staff calendar availability. DHTMLX widget allows preventing double-booking as it blocks off time slots when services may be unavailable.
Setting working hours
Collecting client information
DHTMLX booking widget includes a reservation form that can be arranged according to the company's preferences. For example, you can add the required number of inputs clients had to fill in to make a reservation.
Collecting client information
Gathering ratings and reviews
You can improve user experience by allowing posting reviews and rating services via a 5-star scale.
Gathering ratings and reviews
Setting working hours
Choosing a desired specialist
DHTMLX widget makes it possible to create a calendar availability tool with a nested list of specialists. It allows clients to quickly find out the available specialties and the number of professionals in each.
Choosing a desired specialist
Searching by a date range
Having used a handy datepicker and selecting a convenient date range, clients can easily view real-time availability and self-schedule their appointments.
Searching by a date range
Selecting time
You can add a multi-selection list box to give clients the ability to select more than one value. Thus, for example, they will get a list of time slots available on a specific day interval.
Selecting time
Choosing a desired specialist

Out-of-the-box JavaScript Booking Calendar

Smooth integration with DHTMLX Scheduler
Responsive design
Simple API
Clean intuitive UI
Ability to style availability calendar based on custom properties
Built-in themes

Transparent documentation and online samples

Why Choose DHTMLX Boking Widget?

Complete set of built-in features
The DHTMLX widget was designed to add a user-friendly booking availability calendar to your website or web app. It empowers users to make appointments online 24/7, search for a specialist, and select the most convenient time for their visit.
Support for touch screens
With the DHTMLX booking calendar widget, you’re able to deliver a more fast and easy experience for your users by allowing them to reserve appointments on their phones in seconds. As on the desktop, the mobile version enables making a reservation online in a few taps.
Integration with DHTMLX widgets
You can use the JavaScript booking calendar as a standalone widget or combine it with other DHTMLX components. Thus, you may sync the Booking widget with our Scheduler calendar and build powerful online scheduling apps.
Flexible customization
You’re free to build a custom booking system by modifying the widget’s look and feel to fit seamlessly into project requirements. Starting from the first version, the DHTMLX booking widget provides Material, Willow, and Dark themes that can be applied using our simple API.
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