DHTMLX Goodies

On this page we gathered a collection of useful additions and helping tools for DHTMLX products. Here you can also find some good solutions that are not included in the official products line but can come in handy in your development.

Online Skin Builder

An online tool that helps you define any color schema for the user interface of your application based on DHTMLX components. Choose a preset color scheme from the available list or create your own.

Skin Builder for dhtmlxSuite | Skin Builder for dhtmlxScheduler

Server-Side Connector

dhtmlxConnector handles data connections between the server-side database and client-side DHTMLX components, seamlessly loading and updating content. Available for PHP, .NET, ColdFusion, and Java.

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Autocomplete plugins for IDEs

Autocompletion feature for DHTMLX library that works in the main IDEs: Microsoft Visual Studio, PHPStorm, WebStorm, NetBeans, Aptana Studio, Eclipse, and Komodo.

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With this functionality, you can export your grid in PDF document ready for print.

Download for PHP | Download for Java | Download for ASP.NET | Documentation


The Grid-to-Excel service allows you to save the current state of the grid into the .xls file, keeping the grid structure and visual settings.

Download for PHP | Download for Java | Download for ASP.NET | Documentation

Visual Designer Tool

A visual programming tool for the DHTMLX library that simplifies building web application interfaces. The online version can be used for free on our website, and the desktop version comes with dhtmlxSuite PRO.

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iCal Export/Import Tool

A PHP tool that allows you to transfer the events data from the iCal format to the format readable by dhtmlxScheduler, and vice versa (from dhtmlxScheduler to iCal).

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Scheduler-to-PDF solution is a stand-alone PHP service that allows you to export dhtmlxScheduler to PDF and print the calendar interface.

Download for PHP | Download for Java | Download for ASP.NET | Documentation


Free JavaScript Message Library

A lightweight JavaScript message library that can be used to show alerts, confirm boxes, or unobtrusive popup messages. The library API gives developers complete control over the messages look and feel. Released under MIT license.

Page on GitHub

Quick Tables

An easy PHP solution for displaying and editing tabular data stored on a server. It allows you to fetch the data from database tables and show it on a web page in a nice-looking grid view. Supports MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL.

Download (single PHP file installation) | Download Sources | How to Install