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We're truly committed to fulfilling our clients' needs providing top-quality
solutions in the realm of software application development.

Why Rely on Us


13 years of cutting-edge experience in developing software applications since 2005


Sophisticated implementation of JavaScript code on the client side and various technologies on the server side


Enduring high-quality client support provided by our skilled team of developers and support managers


Adjusting to client's needs working under 2 types of contracts: time and materials and fixed bid

What We Offer

Tailoring DHTMLX components for our customers:
Adding new features to DHTMLX components upon your request

If you feel the need of expanding DHTMLX library functionality to cover specific areas of your work, our developers team is at your disposal. We'll delve into your demands and provide the most suitable solution to make the use of our products highly efficient for your company.

Integration of DHTMLX components into your application

Ensuring that everything works smoothly for you with our components is a top priority task for our developers. Although all DHTMLX products own a short learning curve and are easy-to-use, we're ready to see to their flawless integration into your apps to save you time and effort.

Bespoke application development:
Creating custom-made applications

Our diverse experience of using different technologies, dealing with customers across various industries enables us to develop software applications exclusively for our clients. Thus, you'll get an app specially crafted for your purpose at a reasonable price. Depending on your goals we offer a wide range of services including user interface development and transforming your desktop application into a web-based one.

Updating and modernizing applications

Keeping up with the newest trends and adopting the latest features into your applications makes a great contribution to your company's overall success. Here our dev team may bring about useful changes for the benefit of your company such as improving UI of your apps or even completely modernizing them.

Our Key Technologies


Types of Apps We Build for You

Enterprise Resource Planning
Employing effective solutions in the field of project management and process planning as well as scheduling activities and online booking
Data Visualization
Creating powerful tools for delivering any type of data concerning your business processes in a comprehensible and nice-looking way to answer all your needs
Education Management
Making intelligible apps for evaluation, assessment and other studying issues responding to needs of teachers, students and children with disabilities
Vehicle Management
Developing systems for vehicle tracking, route planning, engine and fuel monitoring etc. to simplify drivers' lives and increase your fleet efficiency

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