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Here you can find JavaScript demo applications made with DHTMLX

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Scheduler .Net

Suite 7 Demos

Feature-rich JavaScript demo apps made with DHTMLX Suite UI widget library

File Explorer

Material-style file explorer app based on DHTMLX Grid, Tree, Layout, Dataview, Toolbar, Sidebar, Menu, Form, Tabbar. Learn more >

UI Dashboard

UI dashboard for a ticketing system built with the help of DHTMLX Grid, Layout, Charts, Toolbar, Sidebar, Dataview. Learn more >

Hotel Management Template

Hotel management demo for processing room reservations based on DHTMLX Layout, Grid, List, Toolbar, Sidebar, and Calendar. Learn more >

Geo Tracking

Real-time geo-tracking app for monitoring deliveries based on DHTMLX Layout, DataView, Form, and Tabbar integrated with Google Maps. Learn more >

Online Exam System

online examination system project in JavaScript Live Demo Coming Soon

Online examination system for an education project with quizzes, subjects, students' results designed with DHTMLX TreeGrid, Form, and other Suite components. Learn more >

Hospital Management System

Online hospital management system with a patient registration form, treegrid with rooms and beds available, grid with doctors, and hospital hierarchy org chart. Learn more >

KPI Tracking System

KPI tracking system to monitor sales managers' performance metrics built with DHTMLX List, Charts, and Toolbar.

Gantt Chart Demos

DHTMLX Gantt demos for project management solutions

Advanced Gantt Chart

DHTMLX Gantt for a construction project with advanced functionality such as auto-scheduling, critical path calculation, zooming, and more.

Salesforce Gantt Chart

DHTMLX Gantt for a Salesforce project management app. Integration with Aura and Lightning Web components.

Resource Management

Resource usage diagram demo with tasks allocated among workers.

Export to PDF/PNG

Online export of DHTMLX Gantt to the PDF/PNG, Excel, and iCal formats.

Export to MS Project

Online export of DHTMLX Gantt to the MS Project and Primavera P6 formats.

Rendering 30000 Tasks

Data-intensive demo of the Gantt chart with 30000 tasks in smart rendering mode.

Scheduler Demos

Event calendar & scheduling solutions for booking, reservation, and event management

Hotel Reservation Demo

Hotel booking system demo for scheduling hotel reservations with an interactive interface based on JS and PHP.

Car Rental Calendar

Car rental demo for managing car reservations based on JS and PHP and MySQL.

Diagram Demos

Visualizing hierarchy with diagrams and org charts

Diagram Editor

Diagram editor demo for creating and styling network diagrams.

Org Chart Editor

Org chart editor demo for visualizing a hierarchy of a medical institution.


Zooming in and out with custom templates for org chart shapes.

Diagram Auto Layout

Automatical arrangement of diagram shapes in the editor mode.

Scheduler.NET Demos

ASP.NET Calendar & scheduling solutions for booking, reservation, and event management

Hotel Room Booking Calendar

This demo shows how Scheduler.NET can be used in creation of room reservation system. The demo is implemented in ASP.NET MVC5.

Car Rental Calendar

See how dhtmlxScheduler.NET is used in full-featured rental application. The demo is implemented in ASP.NET MVC5 Razor.