Demo Applications

Here you can find demo applications made with DHTMLX UI components libraries

Suite Demos

Feature-rich javascript demo apps made with dhtmlxSuite, Javascript UI library

Database Administrator

This application provides database management/navigation functionality using DHTMLX components.

CRM system

This demo application shows how to use dhtmlx components for building a responsive web application.

File Explorer

The purpose of this demo is to show how to build Windows-like file explorer app based on UI component library.

XML Editor

Using this application, you can display XML in different ways, edit attributes and tag values.

File Commander

This application demonstrates Total Commander-style file navigation built with DHTMLX components.

Scheduler Demos

Calendar & scheduling solutions for booking, reservation and event management. More demos are coming soon.

Hotel Reservation Demo

JavaScript/PHP hotel booking calendar demo for scheduling hotel reservations with clean and interactive interface.

Car Rental Calendar

JavaScript/PHP car rental calendar demo for managing car reservations.

Gantt Chart Demo

dhtmlxGantt demos for project management solutions. More demos are coming soon.

Advanced Gantt Chart

The demo shows dhtmlxGantt advanced functionality such as auto scheduling, critical path calculation, zooming and more.

Scheduler.NET Demos

ASP.NET Calendar & scheduling solutions for booking, reservation and event management

Hotel Room Booking Calendar

This demo shows how Scheduler.NET can be used in creation of room reservation system. The demo is implemented in ASP.NET MVC5.

Car Rental Calendar

See how dhtmlxScheduler.NET is used in full-featured rental application. The demo is implemented in ASP.NET MVC5 Razor.

The DHTMLX component library allows you to create visually stunning, feature-rich web apps fast. Wonder how your web apps will look?

To demonstrate the rich possibilities of DHTMLX controls and to show how they work within a common user interface, we've created some demo applications which are listed below. Using dhtmlxLayout, dhtmlxGrid, dhtmlxTree, and other DHTMLX components, you can very quickly create your own web applications with similar user interfaces.

You can also see how others are using the DHTMLX library in customer spotlight posts in our blog.