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Start Developing Web Apps Today Ready-to-Use JavaScript UI Components HTML5/JavaScript Library

Full-featured and mature JavaScript UI components library with years of development behind it and thousands of users worldwide. The library allows you to develop cross-browser, interactive web and mobile apps faster and with less effort.

The library includes more than 20 professionally designed, customizable JS UI components that cover nearly all web app needs. Among them you'll find data grid, tree, form, menu and more.

The library is built on pure JavaScript and is not dependent on other ui frameworks and libraries such as jQuery. Use it with any server-side technology with ease.

Material Design
Terrace skin
Web skin


Gantt Chart

Interactive Gantt Chart

Gantt Diagram
  • Easy customization that provides you the ability to change tasks view based on your needs.
  • The component has simple API that provides a short learning curve.
  • The ability to print a full-sized gantt chart in PDF, PNG, Excel, CSV and MS Project.



Full-featured Event Calendar

Event Calendar
  • Wide range of powerful features that are essential for event calendar users.
  • dhtmlxScheduler has an extensive JavaScript API that gives you full control over the calendar's look and feel.
  • Online export service that allows you to export your calendar to PDF or PNG formats and print it.


No External Support Staff

Qualified support and development team is ready to provide our customers fast technical help by diving deep into the problems. Moreover, you are always able to get access to the dev build with latest hotfixes for our UI widgets.

Live Community Forum

Users without active support period can get help in our community forum. The registration is free. The forum is also monitored by our support team so you can get professional help there.

Up To Date Documentation

Numerous tutorials and articles to help you start working with HTML5/JavaScript libraries fast without any difficulties. Many examples of integrations with popular frameworks, such as jQuery UI, Angular, Meteor and so on.


Free developer tools that are intended to help with prototyping, customizing and easy work with DHTMLX libraries

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Visual Designer Visual Designer Visual prototyping tool for our JavaScript UI library
Skin Builder Skin Builder Define any color schema and themes for the interface of your app
Server-side Connector Server-side Connectors Handle data connections between the server side and the client-side


Latest news of the company, new releases, updates, tutorials and other useful information for our customers and all web developers

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