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Stories from DHTMLX Customers

See how others use our JavaScript/HTML5 libraries to develop performant web and mobile apps

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What Customers Say

Best choice for product development. Absolutely

It's stable. It's easy to setup, even if you don't have to much development experience. It's highly customizable. It's full of features out of the box (and if something missing, you can write your own addon to cover missing functionality). It's beautiful out of the box, which is not always the case for similar components. Workload functionality is included, which is not the case for such components.

Dmitry (Dan) Dudin
CEO at GanttPRO
Source: G2.com, Inc.

A complete and easy to use companion for planning and resource management applications development

We have used the DHTMLX components, expecially the scheduler and the GANTT, to realize some complex resource management use cases that would require a lot of effort to realize from scratch. Using these components has significantly reduced the release time providing a good, bug free experience for the end users.

Gabriele Cestra
Software architect, Dataone Srl
Source: Capterra

Outstanding component

After reviewing many options for a Gantt component, we selected the one from DHTMLX. It is beautifully designed (appearance/UI) which was a key consideration for us, but really it's the full scope of features and capabilities that make it stand out. It has the flexibility for us to make it work exactly the way we need, and it has been a very simple process to integrate it and get it up and running.

Rob Hansen
Partner in a Small Business
Source: G2.com, Inc.

It is a powerful and well-documented tool

The time saving when building a calendar from scratch and the ease to modify events, along with the large number of extensions that can be used. In addition, it is very customizable, since it has several themes to choose from depending on your needs. In our concrete case, we have opted for Material Design. Last, but not least, there is a great coherence between all the extensions and the main module in such a way that just by indicating that you want to use an extension, the main module offers you its new options. The tool also has a forum with great activity of both users and moderators answering.

Moises Hernandez Padron
CEO, Small Business
Source: G2.com, Inc.

Very high quality, stable and proven scheduling library

DHTMLX support is very helpful and responsive to bug fixes and feature requests. The scheduler is feature rich and most requirements have been met out of the box. The documentation is very well written and the live test environment makes it easy to prototype new features. We've used dhtmlxScheduler for more than 5 years and plan to continue using it in our web application product.

Consultant in Motion Pictures and Film, Small Business
Source: G2.com, Inc.

Lots of Features

We have used DHTMLX for more than 15 years and the Suite provides the core UI for a large and complex application. They respond quickly to bug reports or questions about usage. Version 6 has a clean modern look and is designed for modern browsers.

David Basri
President, Point Enterprises, Inc.
Source: Capterra

Powerful UI

Fully-featured UI to put on top of our data model and processes. Very flexible with many features. Robust documentation with examples. Active and highly responsive support community.

Brad Edgerly
Chief Architect, Creative SparQ
Source: Capterra

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