Examples of DHTMLX JavaScript Libraries Customization by XB Software

During the last ten years, DHTMLX products have gained popularity in the world of web development thanks to the availability of highly-demanded functionalities, comprehensive API, smooth integration with other technologies, and especially for their extensive customization possibilities.

Our JavaScript libraries frequently become core components of enterprise web apps of any complexity. Such software solutions are widely-used by world-renowned companies like NASA, Apple, Google, etc. as well as by many start-ups.

DHTMLX customers frequently outsource their business needs to our custom software development company named XB Software. Here they can rely on the experienced team of developers who have enough knowledge and skills to perform DHTMLX customization and deployment tasks in strict accordance with the specified requirements.

To back up our words with some actual evidence, we will consider four real cases of how our popular DHTMLX Gantt and Scheduler components can be customized and integrated into business apps.

DHTMLX in Delivery Management System

The customer working in the sphere of logistics has requested the development of a delivery management software. The solution had to satisfy the following requirements:

  • ensure quality data exchange between different branches of the company (from dispatchers to drivers)
  • optimize delivery processes and reduce costs
  • new functionality must become an addition to the existing ERP system utilized by the customer’s company.

The development team has designed an integrated delivery management module that completely satisfied the customer’s expectations. It was largely achieved due to a variety of views and features available in DHTMLX Scheduler that became a centerpiece of the whole application. Since our lightweight Scheduler library is compatible with popular JavaScript Frameworks and server-side technologies, it was not a problem to integrate it into the module and ensure smooth synchronization and data exchange with the existing customer’s system.


Using our JavaScript scheduling calendar, developers put into effect all delivery scheduling features. The powerful JavaScript API enabled developers to set up custom views (order screen and truck screen). These views allow dispatchers to keep track of all current orders and get the necessary info on trucks and drivers of the company using various sorting criteria. Thanks to the integration with mapbox, it has become much easier to keep in check the delivery status and facilitate the planning of delivery routes via the map view.


As our Scheduler supports various touch screen devices, the dev team has been able to provide both desktop and mobile versions of the application. The mobile version for warehouse workers and drivers contributed to enhanced staff mobility and better access to the relevant information, allowing to use all JavaScript schedule features on touch screens, including drag-and-drop, scrolling, and editing.

As a result, the product created by XB Software with the help of the DHTMLX Scheduler has helped the logistics company to optimize delivery processes and boost its work efficiency.

DHTMLX in Project Management App for Construction Industry

Managing a construction project can be very complex and time-consuming, as it commonly includes the necessity to keep track of a large list of activities, effectively handle challenging tasks, assign available resources, and monitor the overall progress of one or even several projects at once. One construction company experienced similar difficulties and reached out to XB Software specialists with the necessity to develop the online management application based on the DHTMLX products.

When working on this project, the development team has relied entirely on our Gantt chart and Scheduler components as well as on React framework, and it paid off. Using DHTMLX Gantt, developers have enriched the application with a user-friendly Gantt chart functionality. It helps to visualize a particular project along a given timeline, thereby providing necessary data on tasks with their start and end dates, workforce involved, project status at any given moment.

If the project manager wants to see all tasks assigned to a specific person, he/she can also make use of the resource calendar implemented with the help of DHTMLX Scheduler.
Users can create new projects from scratch, employ predefined templates. When working with multiple projects, users can easily switch between them.

When it comes to project tasks, it is possible to easily create and manage different types of tasks (regular, project, milestone) using drag-n-drop functionality. Users can define dependencies between tasks, split complex tasks into more manageable pieces, change the percent of task completion and its duration on the fly.
DHTMLX Gantt also provided more advanced project management features. For instance, enhanced resource management capabilities allow users to analyze the workload of each worker and allocate resources to tasks more efficiently utilizing the resource usage diagram. In addition, project managers can apply baselines, deadlines, and other useful elements.

Thus, this application allows managers of the construction company not only to be more effective in tracking current projects and distributing tasks among employees but also to define a clear timeframe for a particular project and plan ahead.

DHTMLX in Truck Booking and Monitoring System

Nowadays, it is next to impossible to become successful in any field without the use of the latest software standards and technologies. For instance, one large logistics company specialized in truck renting had a hard time trying to improve its fleet management efficiency, cut operating costs, and increase overall business performance before the adoption of a custom truck booking and monitoring system with GPS tracking support developed by our outsourcing company.
Taking advantage of the highly customizable DHTMLX Scheduler, developers created a robust and user-friendly system with truck booking features. It has been smoothly integrated with Node.js applied on the server-side via REST API. Our JavaScript Scheduler component made it much easier to book a truck online and to keep track of the vehicle with their cargo in real-time.
The intuitive user interface based on Material Design, sorting and searching options allow users to easily navigate through tons of events and find all necessary info in a couple of clicks. The possibility to look through the list of available trucks and their locations via the roadmap view helps to quickly find the most appropriate variant. Cross-browser and cross-platform support allows users to conveniently use the application from different browsers and devices without rendering issues.

All in all, this DHTMLX-backed software solution helped the logistics company to raise service standards, optimize its costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

DHTMLX in Car Service Scheduling and Warehouse Management System

The maintenance and repair of vehicles is an extremely competitive industry, thus owners of repair shops have to invest not only into car repair equipment, but also into software solutions that help to address the following needs: service scheduling, warehouse management, and company performance evaluation. Seems like each of the above-mentioned tasks may require a separate software solution. But the XB software team managed to develop an all-in-one solution built upon DHTMLX Scheduler that fully complies with the request of one big car service company.
The flexible scheduling system implemented with the help of our Scheduler library provides a convenient way of making appointments via an intuitive online calendar. If clients need to see the schedule of a specific specialist on a particular day, they can find this info using different filtering options. This software solution also allows technicians of the company to get a brief description of the client’s problem and to see the availability of required car parts in stock for each particular case using custom tooltips supported by our library.

Moreover, it is possible to schedule the purchase and delivery of missing components. Thereby, DHTMLX Scheduler improves warehouse management and facilitates the automation of the overall workflow. Besides, the system enables the company’s management to gather staff statistics and estimate the efficiency of each employee.

Ultimately, the company has received a comprehensive software system reinforced by DHTMLX Scheduler capabilities that significantly simplify interactions with customers, enhances warehouse management, and assesses the productivity of the company’s staff.

Final thoughts

The review of these four cases shows that DHTMLX JavaScript libraries can become an effective and flexible tool for the development of enterprise software solutions. These JavaScript components help to simplify and optimize dozens of business processes in projects including task managing and event planning.

If you need help in efficient customization and implementation of DHTMLX products in your project or create a custom-made application from scratch using our JS components, leave the description of your project right here and the XB Software team will work out for you the best possible solution.

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