Customer Spotlight: DHTMLX Scheduler for Clinicea (Part 2)

Hello everyone! We are excited to share more success stories of our customers in 2024. Today we get back in touch with the Clinicea team (part 1), which uses our JavaScript scheduling component in their clinic management platform. In this blog post, you will learn about the latest updates on the Clinicea project, the team’s thoughts on the usage of AI technologies, their plans for 2024, the role of DHTMLX Scheduler in the product’s future, and many other interesting insights.

We learned about Clinicea and your experience with DHTMLX two years ago. Could you please share with us what has happened in your company to your product since then (new updates, features)?

We have moved leaps and bounds since the 2 last years. Clinicea, our clinic management platform got NABIDH connected for Dubai, and NEHR certified for Singapore. Clinicea has been working hard at ensuring compliance, resulting in a more “robust, secure platform” for clinics as well as spas. We also have increasingly introduced marketing features for Doctors and Clinics to help them grow with the introduction of integrations with WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram to name a few.

Clinic appointment

What are your expectations concerning the new 2024 year in your company?

2024 will be the year of AI and Integrations at Clinicea. We are actively pursuing how to incorporate AI as a digital assistant for Medical professionals to back-end their triage process. We are also looking at launching over 20+ new integrations in 2024. As we speak, we launched the telephony integration to TeleCMI in January i.e. this month. It allows clinic staff to make and receive calls from within the Clinicea. All incoming calls get recorded for staff training. Making standardization of care even when it comes to voice, a real possibility, with checks and balances in place.

Do you consider using AI as part of your product in the future?

Absolutely yes.

We are looking at using AI in multiple areas. Without giving away too much, our focus is on how AI can be a silent assistant. To ensure relevant factors in chronic patient care are brought to the surface for better decision-making by specialists.

For the aesthetics clinics, we see AI having a more operational role and a multi-faced one at that. From identifying peak-capacity hours and days of the week, opening double bookings to leverage the non-peak hours, identifying better pricing strategies, introducing promotions for the softer periods, and translating that into staff rosters to name a few. Essentially, finding the optimal capacity utilization and resource management within aesthetic clinics would be the way to go. By Aesthetics, we refer to the sub-specialty as a whole i.e. Dermatology clinics, Skin clinics, LHR clinics, Botox & Filler Clinics as well as Tattoo Removal Clinics – yes, for the uninitiated that too is a big part of the industry and Clinicea works with a lot of Tattoo removal chain of clinics across geographies.

We also have some very innovative experimental cases being undertaken. We are working on probabilistic medical outcome indicators for patients for certain chronic cases. Identification of the stage of the disease and its eventual future progression could help change the treatment protocol. Early intervention could be a game changer in medical outcomes, leading to the longevity of life and, might I say, be a life-saver at some point. We are in the beta phases right now, hence shying away from making bold predictions but more on that down the line.

Have you used any features released in DHTMLX Scheduler 6.0? If yes, how helpful were they?

We have used the destructor of Scheduler and data-processor instances, to ensure a performant system, with a low memory footprint. Also introduced paging in the scheduler for large polyclinics. It allows us to support 10-20 doctors also easily on the DHTMLX Scheduler.

multiclinic appointment

Interestingly, we also added support for zoom-in and zoom-out on touch devices. It was thanks to the help of excellent support from the DHTMLX team, and it ensured that a dealbreaker for a new clinic signup in Dubai was overcome. We have the inherent confidence that when it comes to the scheduler, there is no competing clinic management software that we cannot win against, as when we run into a wall, the DHTMLX support is there to back us up. This is not well appreciated, or promoted feature set on their website, but we suggest to all other developers to try out the DHTMLX team. No, this is not a plugin by the DHTMLX team, or written out of anyone’s prompting. That is our honest feedback.

What would be your advice to the web development community for 2024?
  1. Be aware of the ever-changing web development landscape and stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends.
  2. Prioritize Responsive Design: With more and more people using their phones, it’s important to make sure your web apps are designed to work on different screens and screen resolutions.
  3. Optimize for Performance: People expect their web applications to load quickly, and optimizing your web apps for performance can help you increase engagement and retention.
  4. Protect Your Users’ Data and Build Trust: Cyber-attacks are on the rise, so it’s important to take comprehensive security measures to protect your users’ data.
  5. Document Your Projects in a Comprehensive Way: Comprehensively keeping track of your projects will help you stay on top of your progress, and it’ll make it easier for you and other developers to work together.
Feel free to share anything else you’d like to tell.

We intend to push the limits of the scheduler in 2024. We want to introduce a waiting room, multi-doctor video call appointments, a real-time scheduling conflict checker, easier accessibility to blocking times across multiple resources, and smart syncing. We hope to achieve all of the above in 2024 with the help of the DHTMLX’s excellent support.

We are very grateful to the Clinicea team for the new and valuable insights. We wish you great professional achievements in 2024 and hope that our Scheduler will contribute to your success.

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