Customer Spotlight: dhtmlxGantt in Splitvice

We are ready to share another great story and brilliant example of implementing dhtmlxGantt from our customer. This time you’ll learn about Splitvice, a young online solution for project managers. Jurgen Devlieghere, the founder and portfolio management expert, tells us about their new solution and experience with dhtmlxGantt:

“Splitvice goes life with DHTMLX

First of October 2017, after 2 years of development together with beta customers, Splitvice went into production. Splitvice is a new online solution for project managers and project employees in project-driven organisations that creates insight, transparency and efficient collaboration in these types of environments.

What sets Splitvice apart?

Splitvice combines 3 levels, which are fully integrated: portfolio management, project management and task management.


The integration assures that, without tedious status meetings, your project plan is up-to-date with the task progress.

Splitvice comes with integrated decision making support

The portfolio view, where conflicts between projects are visible, is automatically aligned. It simulates the effect of conflicts and predicts the effect on project progress and bottlenecks. You can also simulate the effect of adding a person or of halting a project and predicts the new timings. This feature sets Splitvice apart in project management tools. This way Splitvice helps every level in an organization contribute effectively and optimally to a project. From the top to the bottom.

Splitvice and DHTMLX

Splitvice is very much focused on visual support for making the right decisions. For project management, a Gantt chart is the obvious choice.


But also in portfolio view a Gantt chart is an excellent way to visually compare scenario’s side by side:


And with the help of dhtmlxGantt, with some custom objects, milestone charts are just as easy:


Why dhtmlxGantt?

There are some key factors in the choice of a right component:

  • The licensing scheme.
  • The flexibility.
  • Does it look good?
  • How easy is it to integrate?
  • How well can it be customized?
  • How good is the support?
  • Does it require other components?

For Splitvice, dhtmlxGantt fits with what we need. It’s a stand-alone component, without an extra run-time fee. It’s flexible and highly customizable. We get good support when we need it, but most of our questions are found right in the knowledge database.

My advice to other developers is to check the above list with your situation and assess with that what suits you best. And for any component you test: test the flexibility by implementing something you know you are going to need, like e.g. a custom pop-up window if you edit a project task.”

We would like to thank Splitvice team for providing us this inspiring customer spotlight!

If you are ready to share your success story and get pleasant bonuses from our team, let us know.

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