Customer Spotlight: DHTMLX Scheduler for QN Projects

Our new customer spotlight story is devoted to a startup project based in the Netherlands. Jeroen van Lierop is a product manager at QN Projects who is in charge of bringing a new project management system developed using DHTMLX Scheduler to market.

Hello Jeroen, thank you for accepting our invitation for the interview. Could you tell us about your company and your projects?

I’m working for a cloud innovations company. We create different kinds of cloud solutions. You can think about accounting software, fiscal software, project management software, and stuff like that. Currently, we are working on a new project management venture for the customers we already have.

What would you like to implement with the help of DHTMLX Scheduler in your project?

We already use your Scheduler component in our project. It is a part that we’ve already implemented. I’m pretty happy with the software because it’s very easy and quick to implement. I love to have fast results, it definitely helps.

What kind of projects do you manage with the help of DHTMLX Scheduler?

We are not managing any projects at this time, because we are a start-up project and it is not finished yet. When it is done, we plan to go to the market and get our customers.

The idea behind using the Scheduler is most of all to implement meetings, make sure that you have a project management system for arranging meetings and monitoring them via the scheduler. Perhaps in the future, we would like to integrate it with different kinds of scheduling systems such as Microsoft Outlook and be able to synchronize their agendas.

Do you plan to promote your software product in other European countries or just in the Netherlands?

We already have a lot of customers using our other cloud solutions. First, we want to try it with focus groups involving our current customers to see whether we are moving in the right direction. If it works out, we would expand and go even broader.

Why did you choose DHTMLX Scheduler over other solutions available on the market?

It was very useful to see the Scheduler demos on your website. These demos helped us to see how things are working in real-case scenarios. I think that your demos that looked and worked really well made me choose DHTMLX.

Which features of our Scheduler are the most important for you?

I think that it is the Scheduler’s grid and the way it is working. You can easily adjust meetings or change them the way you like. It had a really good fit with the current layout of our project management system. But to tell you what exactly made the difference, it could be the UI. It looks really nice and provides a good user experience. Since we are working on a project management system, we focus on simplicity. Our platform must be very user-friendly and you have to understand it the first time you see it. Otherwise, we have a problem. And you definitely succeeded in that with your Scheduler.

Do you use the Material skin that comes with our Scheduler?

Yes, we are using the Material skin, but we’ve changed the UI a little bit to bring it in line with our corporate identity.

Have you faced any difficulties with DHTMLX Scheduler?

We sent two tickets about some questions or problems to your tech support, and I believe that they were answered pretty quickly. This aspect is important for our developers because you never know in advance if the support is going to be good or not. Our devs were very happy with the work of your tech team and it made me happy as well because it is important when you depend on someone during the project implementation.

Maybe you have any recommendations on how we can improve DHTMLX Scheduler to meet your needs more efficiently.

For instance, if you look at Microsoft Outlook, it has a month calendar on the left side of the Scheduler. That’s what I was missing in your demos. If it is possible to add this feature, it will be a significant improvement for me, because it would help me to work more conveniently with different views.

Thank you very much for your time and feedback, Jeroen!

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