Examples of DHTMLX JavaScript Libraries Customization by XB Software (Part 2)

The increased popularity of DHTMLX Gantt and DHTMLX Scheduler among web developers prove the fact that businesses of various scale more and more frequently invest into ready-made JavaScript tools used in the development of enterprise applications for running their projects.

Not long ago, we’ve posted an article dedicated to customization cases of DHTMLX products, describing how our JavaScript components, namely Gantt and Scheduler, found use in business applications.

The software development company XB Software has provided us with a new portion of interesting DHTMLX customization examples. In this post, we are eager to share with you 3 more true-life cases of integrating our project management components in successful web apps.

DHTMLX in Communications Portal

A Gantt chart is rightfully considered to be one of the most effective project management tools. It is especially useful in providing an effective way of creating and assigning tasks, editing them in real time, and following the progress of the whole project. It was a missing piece in an operating communications portal of one American company utilized for managing the production of coding, marking, and labeling machinery. Thus, the company addressed XB Software with a request to embed the Gantt chart functionality into their system.
DHTMLX  Gantt in Communications Portal
DHTMLX HTML5 Gantt chart fully complied with the demands of this case and became a valid instrument in achieving the final goal. Due to the absence of external dependencies, compatibility with popular web technologies, and full customizability, the developers have managed to smoothly integrate our JS component into the portal and adjust it to the design of the customer’s system.

Now users of the communications portal can get the best of the added Gantt chart section and create different types of predefined tasks, including milestones, and manage them right from the intuitive drag-and-drop UI. Using the editing option, it is possible to introduce various changes in tasks on-the-fly.
DHTMLX Gantt in communications portal
The development team paid special attention to the monitoring of the task statuses. For instance, it is possible to apply progress percent coloring for tasks (milestones) to estimate their completion level. If users need the information on a particular staff member and tasks attributed to them, the filtering feature implemented with the use of the radio button control helps to do it in no time. Project managers can set priorities for project tasks, thereby managing the employees’ working time and efforts more efficiently. Developers have also applied the task reordering feature, enabling the possibility to change the sequence of tasks and milestones within the project.

The Gantt chart functionality has become an integral part of the communications portal and offered the necessary set of features for creating and managing tasks as well as a handy way for tracking their accomplishment.

DHTMLX in SAAS CRM System and Online Appointment Service

New web-based technologies allow businesses from various fields to apply special applications for more effective interaction with their clients. A US-based company specialized in software solutions for human services required a user-friendly SAAS CRM system complemented with an online appointment booking system that should include the following main capabilities:

  • An intuitive way to create and manage appointments for clients
  • The possibility for service professionals to monitor these actions and interact with clients
  • Tasks recurrence
  • Sharing appointment calendars

The development team opted for the DHTMLX Javascript Scheduler to utilize it as a key building block of the client management system.
DHTMLX Scheduler in online appointment service
DHTMLX Scheduler allows clients to make appointments with just one click, edit them at any moment, and review their activities using multiple calendar views (Day, Week, Month).

The event calendar provides the ability to show recurring events, which can take place at various time intervals. Users of the system have a chance to set multiple events at different locations and to block a specific date or date ranges.

Moreover, XB Software developers enhanced the standard functionality of DHTMLX Scheduler by embedding the reminder option for preventing late arrivals and event notifications in case of booking cancellations, postponements, etc.
DHTMLX Scheduler in online appointmentservice
Taking advantage of the exporting feature, providers of human services can convert their working calendars into popular formats (Excel, PDF/PNG, iCal) and share their data.

The completed app packed with appointment scheduling functionality has become equally beneficial for both groups of end-users. Clients have been provided with improved quality of services and companies have benefited from the increased satisfaction level with offered services.

DHTMLX in Workflow Automation Software

Many dynamically developing companies sooner or later come across the necessity of obtaining a multi-faceted tool for project workflow management. The thing is that each more or less complex project consists of numerous tasks and a huge amount of project-related data, and handling all this information manually in most cases turns out to be time-sapping and unproductive.

An American IT company required a SaaS application to help its customers in business process visualization and automation with feature-rich Gantt charts. To bring this idea to life, the company has staked on DHTMLX Gantt and professional expertise of the XB Software team.
DHTMLX Gantt in workflow automation software
The developed workflow automation software solution with the intuitive UI makes it really simple for end-users to create tasks, specify relationships between tasks, and control their timely completion. And it can be done even in huge projects containing thousands of tasks without any rendering issues thanks to advanced performance characteristics of DHTMLX Gantt.

Our library allows presenting the Gantt chart UI in different languages thanks to the localization feature (30+ locales). Moreover, the XB Software development team succeeded in providing Google Translate support for a quick translation of textual info into the needed languages in the whole application.

The app has been integrated with the Amazon cloud services to prevent any security threats, and with other popular web services (Braintee, Mailchimp, SugarCRM) to broaden the system’s functionality.
DHTMLX Gantt in workflow automation software
Staff members can stay in touch with their colleagues from any location and manage the project workflow via the Gantt chart from a smartphone or a tablet.

As a result, the DHTMLX-backed application has become a viable and more efficient alternative to the use of numerous web business tools (file sharing and storage systems, to-do lists, etc.). Therefore, big companies with many departments can adopt this software solution to refine workflow management, optimize staff collaboration, and cut expenditures.

Final Words

Summarizing the above, we can say that many web developers have good reasons to choose DHTMLX components for building business apps. Powerful customization capabilities and comprehensive feature sets of our JavaScript libraries can cover your major project management needs.

Even if our components do not have some specific features that are necessary for your project, the XB Software team can add them upon request and make other necessary adjustments for your application. If you face any difficulties in integrating DHTMLX libraries, share your hardships here and we will help you out.

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