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DHTMLX 4.0 Released with New Look and Faster Performance

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We are happy to introduce the release of DHTMLX 4.0, a complete JavaScript UI library. This update includes performance improvements, bug fixes and significant increasing in speed. Also the new release brings smooth rendering and improved look and feel provided by the redesigned skins. One of the important updates is the common way of data …

DHTMLX 4.0 Preview: New Skins, Improved Performance

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We are now working hard on the new update of dhtmlxSuite, a collection of JavaScript UI widgets. The main part is almost completed and we are on the stage of testing, bug fixing, and updating the documentation for the new release. So what are the new and cool features that will be added in DHTMLX …

Learning DHTMLX Suite UI Book

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If you like to gain new knowledge from books and would like to get a short course to the DHTMLX library, there is a good news for you. Packt Publishing released a book called “Learning DHTMLX Suite UI” written by Eli Geske, a programmer from Miami, Florida. With his team, Eli develops complex web interfaces, …

Building the DHTMLX Library with Grunt

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Grunt is a JavaScript task runner. It is like a swiss knife of JavaScript development. Due to the multiple plugins, Grunt can be used for wide set of tasks: file preprocessing, code minification, code linting, publishing, etc. In this article we will show how to use Grunt to compile a single file from the dhtmlxSuite …

DHTMLX Hot Fix for IE11 is Available

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Due to the functional peculiarities of the recently released IE11, DHTMLX users might encounter a number of malfunctions in their apps. To overcome these issues, please update affected files or the complete packages. This DHTMLX update is available for users of both PRO and Standard Editions. The component packages, which can now be downloaded from …

Tips on How to Minify the DHTMLX Files

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This post is for developers who work closely with the DHTMLX library and would like to use its advantages in a most proper way. As you might already know, there are a few options to include the DHTMLX library on a page: use a set of separate .js files of all components used on a …

Bug Fix Release for DHTMLX 3.6 Available

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We would like to announce the new build of DHTMLX 3.6. This bug-fix release includes a lot of small enhancements and some new features, and improves the stability of the DHTMLX widgets. The PRO users with active support period will receive the download link to the latest dhtmlxSuite PRO package by email. Download dhtmlxSuite Standard …

DHTMLX 3.6 Released with New Great Features

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We are excited to announce the long awaited release of DHTMLX 3.6. This update is aimed to fix the known bugs and improve stability and performance of the DHTMLX UI components. This release brings new features to dhtmlxForm and dhtmlxChart, and introduces a new component – dhtmlxPopup. dhtmlxPopup With this new UI component, the DHTMLX …

DHTMLX Customer Spotlight: Cash Flow App

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It is always exciting to see how developers bring their ideas to life with the help of our JavaScript UI library. Today we would like to share one more web-based project built with the DTHMLX components. This time it’s a Cash Flow application developed by WEB2Solutions, a software development company based in Brazil.   The …

DHTMLX Customer Spotlight: ParknCloud

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We continue to showcase the products developed by our customers. This time we would like to introduce ParknCloud, an innovative service delivered by Mylaensys, LLC. ParknCloud can be used by consumers to pay for parking using a smartphone and provides municipalities an easy and affordable way to collect parking fees electronically. With just a click …