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dhtmlxSuite Updated, Build Dynamic Data-Driven Grids from XML, CSV or JSON

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DHTMLX announces the latest update of its dhtmlxSuite, a professional Ajax components toolkit for web UI. The major updates concern Grid and Treegrid components and include a large number of new features and improvements, including the ability to load data from JSON and JS-array, smart rendering and paging support for hierarchical data grids. Also a …

dhtmlxGrid Updated and New Components Introduced

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We’re pleased to inform that we have released a new build 80319 for dhtmlxGrid/TreeGrid v1.5. This update features a few bug fixes, along with some enhancements and Safari 3.1 compatibility. The list of enhancements can be found here. Also, two new DHTMLX components are introduced: dhtmlxWindows – DHTML JavaScript component which allows one to easily …

Version 1.6 of DHTMLX Ajax Components Suite Released, Now with Calendar Control

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DHTMLX has released the update of its dhtmlxSuite, an Ajax UI toolkit that includes the most widely used controls for creating advanced user interfaces for DHTML-based applications. The new release includes updates for the most popular DHTMX components: grid, treegrid, tree and combo, and also introduces dhtmlxCalendar. DHTMLX is pleased to announce the complete release …