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Bug Fix Release for DHTMLX 3.6 Available

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We would like to announce the new build of DHTMLX 3.6. This bug-fix release includes a lot of small enhancements and some new features, and improves the stability of the DHTMLX widgets. The PRO users with active support period will receive the download link to the latest dhtmlxSuite PRO package by email. Download dhtmlxSuite Standard …

DHTMLX 3.6 Released with New Great Features

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We are excited to announce the long awaited release of DHTMLX 3.6. This update is aimed to fix the known bugs and improve stability and performance of the DHTMLX UI components. This release brings new features to dhtmlxForm and dhtmlxChart, and introduces a new component – dhtmlxPopup. dhtmlxPopup With this new UI component, the DHTMLX …

DHTMLX Customer Spotlight: Cash Flow App

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It is always exciting to see how developers bring their ideas to life with the help of our JavaScript UI library. Today we would like to share one more web-based project built with the DTHMLX components. This time it’s a Cash Flow application developed by WEB2Solutions, a software development company based in Brazil.   The …

DHTMLX Customer Spotlight: ParknCloud

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We continue to showcase the products developed by our customers. This time we would like to introduce ParknCloud, an innovative service delivered by Mylaensys, LLC. ParknCloud can be used by consumers to pay for parking using a smartphone and provides municipalities an easy and affordable way to collect parking fees electronically. With just a click …

DHTMLX 3.5: Build Visually Stunning, Real-Time Web Apps

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We are excited to announce the release of DHTMLX v.3.5, our JavaScript/Ajax component library. With this release, we focused on updating the design of the UI components and we hope that you’ll love the look of the new skin. We’ve also added powerful data processing capabilities, such as live updates functionality and offline support. Here …

DHTMLX Customer Spotlight: Hot Project

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Today we start the series of posts dedicated to DTHMLX customers featuring their web apps built with the DTHMLX JavaScript library and components. To start, we would like to introduce Hot Project, which is developed with the DHTMLX UI components. Hot Project is an online project management and collaboration system that has been around since …

Autocompletion in IDEs for DHTMLX Library

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We have some exciting news for those of you who are used to work with IDEs and use the autocomplete feature. You now can enjoy autocomplete hints in your favorite IDE while you integrate the DHTMLX components into your web app. We provide the autocompletion plugins for Microsoft Visual Studio, PHPStorm, WebStorm, NetBeans, Aptana Studio, …

DHTMLX Java Tag Library by Mylaensys

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If you are a Java developer that uses DHTMLX components, check out the DHTMLX Java™ Tag Library created by Mylaensys. They offer a collection of easy-to-use custom tags to easily combine the power and flexibility of DHTMLX components with Java™ technology. The Tag library encapsulates the core DHTMLX functionality as simple tags, which are common …

DHTMLX 3.0: Build Better Apps with Less Time and Efforts

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We have finally done it! Today we are releasing DHTMLX 3.0, an exciting update that brings a new level of simplicity and productivity in web application creation. The main idea behind 3.0 release is to make the DHTMLX library easier to use by introducing a few major enhancements without adding more kilobytes to the library …

Visual Designer for DHTMLX 3.0: Demo Video

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As we have already announced, the upcoming new version of the DHTMLX JavaScript library comes with a Visual Designer tool. We have prepared a video which demonstrates the capabilities of the UI designer and provides a quick introduction to the tool. Watch the Visual Designer in action and see how easy it is to build …