Maintenance Release: Suite 8.3.3, Spreadsheet 5.1.1, To Do List 1.2.5, Vault 4.1.5

Hello everyone! It is high time to share with you the last maintenance release of the outgoing 2023. In December, our development team prepared patch versions for DHTMLX Suite, Spreadsheet, To Do List, and Vault components. You can get acquainted with all delivered fixes and improvements in more detail below.

DHTMLX Suite 8.3.2-8.3.3

8.3.2 (December 4, 2023)

  • Layout: incorrect adding of content into a cell (Fixed)
  • Layout: script errors that occurred when Layout was used in a React app (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: incorrect header height in case a grid is placed into a Layout cell (Fixed)
  • TreeGrid: the problem with rendering an expanded TreeGrid during export to PDF and PNG (Fixed)
  • TreeGrid: the issue with selection while using TreeGrid with Pagination (Fixed)

8.3.3 (December 7, 2023)

  • Grid/TreeGrid: the issue with the impossibility of unselecting the row that was selected first (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: the issue with the beforeEditEnd/afterEditEnd events firing twice when the Esc or Enter key is pressed (Fixed)

Learn more in the documentation >

DHTMLX Spreadsheet 5.1.1

5.1.1 (December 14, 2023)

  • The issue with the fixColumn() method ignoring the arrow icon of the select editor (Fixed)
  • The problem with cell styles taking precedence over the range styles (Fixed)
  • The issue with copying/pasting the content of cells with applied styles and the Undo functionality (Fixed)
  • The problem with a link changing while being pasted into a different cell (Fixed)
  • Issues with copying/pasting of merged cells (Fixed)
  • The issue with the serialization of styles (Fixed)
  • Scrolling to the cell during the call of the setSelectedCell() or setFocusedCell() methods (Fixed)

Learn more in the documentation >

DHTMLX To Do List 1.2.4-1.2.5

1.2.4 (December 7, 2023)

  • Moving items between new projects doesn’t work (Fixed)

1.2.5 (December 7, 2023)

  • The script error occurs when calling the unused menu item (Fixed)

Learn more in the documentation >

DHTMLX Vault 4.1.5

4.1.5 (December 20, 2023)

  • Types issues (Fixed)

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Download the latest versions of our libraries and test them free of charge for 30 days:

Current clients may find the updated packages in their Client’s Area.

This month, we’ve also rolled out DHTMLX Spreadsheet 5.1. If you missed this event, check out the release article.

The end of December is a time to relax and celebrate the Christmas holidays with family and friends. We hope that you are having a good time and wish you a joyful and productive New Year!

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