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Meet DHTMLX Version 2.6!

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We are proud to present a new DHTMLX release and have good reason for it – the new DHTMLX has been outfitted with all the components it needs to be a complete toolkit for building rich, Ajax-based web applications. With the new version 2.6 of our JavaScript UI library, you can develop any kind of …

Skin Builder Available Online

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The Skin Builder beta is now available on It gives you the ability to choose the coloring scheme for a web interface built with the DHTMLX library. With the help of Skin Builder you can define custom colors for DHTMLX components and customize their appearance the way you like. The color of each skin …

DHTMLX 2.5 Released

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We proudly announce the official release of version 2.5 of the DHTMLX JavaScript UI library. We have been working hard, carefully preparing this update, to make it more comfortable and easy for you to build rich web interfaces with our DHTMLX components. Version 2.5 introduces lots of significant improvements, including: Object API In addition to …

DHTMLX 2.5 Beta 2 Is Available

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We would like to announce the release of DHTMLX v2.5 beta 2. This version demonstrates some new functionality and enhancements which will be available in the upcoming upgrade. We made the beta available for public access, so you can play around with the new features and see what to expect in DHTMLX 2.5.

DHTMLX Has Been Updated to Version 2.1

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DHTMLX announced the update of their Ajax UI toolkit, a comprehensive set of full-featured JavaScript components. The DHTMLX library enables web developers to create rich and high-performing web applications with less effort and time. Version 2.1 introduces lots of significant improvements and bug fixes. The updated components bring better stability and performance, and provide compatibility …

DHTMLX 2.0 Brings Simplicity to Web Interface Creation

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DHTMLX is pleased to announce the update of its dhtmlxSuite, a complete suite of Ajax-enabled components for building rich web interfaces. Version 2.0 brings a new approach to building application interface simply by arranging its modules via newly introduced dhtmlxLayout control. It not only allows developers to effortlessly construct interface structure, but also provides the …

dhtmlxSuite Updated, Build Dynamic Data-Driven Grids from XML, CSV or JSON

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DHTMLX announces the latest update of its dhtmlxSuite, a professional Ajax components toolkit for web UI. The major updates concern Grid and Treegrid components and include a large number of new features and improvements, including the ability to load data from JSON and JS-array, smart rendering and paging support for hierarchical data grids. Also a …

dhtmlxGrid Updated and New Components Introduced

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We’re pleased to inform that we have released a new build 80319 for dhtmlxGrid/TreeGrid v1.5. This update features a few bug fixes, along with some enhancements and Safari 3.1 compatibility. Also, two new DHTMLX components are introduced: dhtmlxWindows – DHTML JavaScript component which allows one to easily implement modal or non-modal dialog windows. dhtmlxWindows simulate …

Version 1.6 of DHTMLX Ajax Components Suite Released, Now with Calendar Control

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DHTMLX has released the update of its dhtmlxSuite, an Ajax UI toolkit that includes the most widely used controls for creating advanced user interfaces for DHTML-based applications. The new release includes updates for the most popular DHTMX components: grid, treegrid, tree and combo, and also introduces dhtmlxCalendar. DHTMLX is pleased to announce the complete release …