Maintenance Release: Gantt 8.0.6, Suite 8.2.7, Spreadsheet 5.0.9, Kanban 1.5.6, To Do List 1.2.3, Event Calendar 2.1.3

Improving the quality of existing DHTMLX products remains one of the key priorities for our development team. So we are eager to share the results of our work in this field during the first two months of autumn in our traditional maintenance release post. Today, you’ll get acquainted with numerous fixes and improvements included in new patch versions of DHTMLX Gantt, Suite, Kanban, Event Calendar, Spreadsheet, and To Do List components.

Here is a list of the latest maintenance updates delivered by our dev team:

DHTMLX Gantt 8.0.6

8.0.6 (September 25, 2023)

  • Enhancements and corrections in the usage of WAI-ARIA attributes for improved accessibility (Done)
  • The issue of decreasing the grid’s width after repainting when the grid_elastic_columns config is enabled (Fixed)
  • The default number of undo_steps is increased from 10 to 100 (Done)
  • The Export API client is now integrated into the GPL version of Gantt, previously it has been included only in PRO versions (Done)
  • Add support for the https export server endpoints in the Node.js version of Gantt (Done)

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DHTMLX Suite: 8.2.2 – 8.2.7

8.2.2 (September 13, 2023)

  • DataView: the issue with the FocusChange event not triggering on selecting an item with the mouse click (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: export to Excel with the non-numeric footer content (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: the problem with setting columns’ width during export to Excel if the adjust config is enabled (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: export to Excel of the applied cell alignment (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: export to Excel of the font-weight applied to cells (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: the logic of selecting an option is fixed for comboFilter. The functionality of selectFilter and inputFilter is improved (Done)
  • Menu: the problem with rendering the count badge at the root level (Fixed)
  • Tree: the impossibility to override the checkbox configuration via the dataset (Fixed)
  • TreeGrid: the issue with resetting changes in the edited cells after data ungrouping (Fixed)

8.2.3 (September 26, 2023)

  • Chart: the issue with minValue rounding a fractional value (Fixed)
  • Chart: the functionality of the dashed property in the Spline charts (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: the memory leak related to the header filters (Fixed)
  • TreeGrid: the problem when a double click on a grouped row threw an error (Fixed)

8.2.4 (October 4, 2023)

  • Grid/TreeGrid: the issue with comboFilter not working in case the column’s editor contains options with the id and value that don’t match (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: the problem with the setColumns() method not refreshing the comboFilter options (Fixed)
  • TreeGrid: the issue with a console error throwing on hovering over the footer tooltips used together with the “content” property (Fixed)
  • Toolbar/Menu: the problem with displaying the count badge with the 0 value (Fixed)

8.2.6 (October 12, 2023)

  • ColorPicker: incorrect adding of a custom color (Fixed)
  • Form: incorrect work of the validate() method in the “silent” mode (Fixed)
  • Form: incorrect work of the clear() method that triggered validation (Fixed)
  • Form: blocking of typing on call of the validate() method for the Input control (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: the difference in the number format used for the cell data and for the footer (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: the problem with displaying 0 (zero) in the footer as a total sum of a column (Fixed)

8.2.7 (October 19, 2023)

  • Combobox: the absence of the placeholder if Combobox has a template (Fixed)
  • Form. Combo control: the incorrect position of preMessage after the call of setProperties() (Fixed)
  • Form. Input/Textarea controls: the disappearance of the entered value on entering the full-screen mode (Fixed)
  • Form. Toggle control: the break of the Toggle button styles in case of simultaneous usage of the Suite and Vault sources on a page (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: incorrect autoWidth calculation in case of a big number of columns (Fixed)

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DHTMLX Spreadsheet: 5.0.6 – 5.0.9

5.0.6 (September 18, 2023)

  • The problem with rendering zeros (Fixed)
  • The issue with applying color styles set as string values (Fixed)
  • The issue with the XSS vulnerability (Fixed)
  • The problem when changing a value in an inactive sheet modified the value in the active sheet instead (Fixed)

5.0.7 (September 21, 2023)

  • The problem with exporting formulas to Excel (Fixed)
  • The issue with restoring the cut content of a cell on clicking the Undo button (Fixed)

5.0.9 (October 24, 2023)

  • Incorrect calling of the setStyle() method which triggered before/afterSelectionSet events (Fixed)
  • Incorrect content wrapping (Fixed)
  • Types issues (Fixed)

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DHTMLX Kanban 1.5.6

1.5.6 (September 13, 2023)

  • An ability to import component as ES module (Added)
  • Regression in npm packages (Fixed)

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DHTMLX To Do List 1.2.3

1.2.3 (September 13, 2023)

  • An ability to import component as ES module

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DHTMLX Event Calendar: 2.1.1 – 2.1.3

2.1.1 (September 5, 2023)

  • Support of server-side updates and Multiuser backend (Added)
  • An ability to import Event Calendar package as ES module (Added)

2.1.2 (September 15, 2023)

  • The createEvent() method was extended by the event object argument (Done)
  • Script error when calling the setConfig() or setLocale() method if the Event Calendar configuration includes templates (Fixed)
  • Rebuilding Event Calendar when calling the setConfig() method (Fixed)
  • Regression from v2.1.0 causing a script error at the Event Calendar startup if the Day/Week views in the views array lack their own configuration options (Fixed)
  • Event positioning issues occurs after dragging and dropping multiday events (Fixed)
  • Incorrect format of event ID arguments in various event handlers (Fixed)
  • UI animations (Fixed)

2.1.3 (October 31, 2023)

  • An ability to validate data entered in the editor fields (Added)
  • editorValidation property (Added)
  • Incorrect display of events with duplicated ids. Duplicating id is not allowed (Fixed)
  • Contents of Timeline label stretches the column and causes incorrect positions of events (Fixed)
  • The setLocale() method doesn’t work (Fixed)
  • Timeline shows events that end before min-date of the time scale (Fixed)
  • The Today line in Agenda view is displayed on top of datepicker calendar (Fixed)
  • Wrong key for the Assignees label in the locale object
  • The dateTitle template doesn’t work in Agenda and Year views

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