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DHTMLX Java Tag Library by Mylaensys

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If you are a Java developer that uses DHTMLX components, check out the DHTMLX Java™ Tag Library created by Mylaensys. They offer a collection of easy-to-use custom tags to easily combine the power and flexibility of DHTMLX components with Java™ technology. The Tag library encapsulates the core DHTMLX functionality as simple tags, which are common …

DHTMLX 3.0: Build Better Apps with Less Time and Efforts

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We have finally done it! Today we are releasing DHTMLX 3.0, an exciting update that brings a new level of simplicity and productivity in web application creation. The main idea behind 3.0 release is to make the DHTMLX library easier to use by introducing a few major enhancements without adding more kilobytes to the library …

Visual Designer for DHTMLX 3.0: Demo Video

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As we have already announced, the upcoming new version of the DHTMLX JavaScript library comes with a Visual Designer tool. We have prepared a video which demonstrates the capabilities of the UI designer and provides a quick introduction to the tool. Watch the Visual Designer in action and see how easy it is to build …

DHTMLX 3.0 Preview: Visual Designer and Global Data Storage

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While most of our latest updates have focused on the DHTMLX Touch mobile framework, we want to assure you that our JavaScript Ajax library also gets lots of our attention. We are preparing a major upgrade that will be released this spring and will introduce two significant improvements: a visual designer tool and global data …

Hot Fix for IE9 Available

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When testing the DHTMLX library with IE9, we found an incompatibility issue that appears when data is loaded from an XML file. To fix this issue, please use dhtmlxcommon.js which can be downloaded here. We have also fixed the problem with drawing of node labels in dhtmlxTree in IE9 Beta. All component packages, which are …

Meet DHTMLX Version 2.6!

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We are proud to present a new DHTMLX release and have good reason for it – the new DHTMLX has been outfitted with all the components it needs to be a complete toolkit for building rich, Ajax-based web applications. With the new version 2.6 of our JavaScript UI library, you can develop any kind of …

Skin Builder Available Online

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The Skin Builder beta is now available on It gives you the ability to choose the coloring scheme for a web interface built with the DHTMLX library. With the help of Skin Builder you can define custom colors for DHTMLX components and customize their appearance the way you like. The color of each skin …

DHTMLX 2.5 Released

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We proudly announce the official release of version 2.5 of the DHTMLX library. We have been working hard, carefully preparing this update, to make it more comfortable and easy for you to build rich web interfaces with our DHTMLX components. Version 2.5 introduces lots of significant improvements, including: Object API In addition to the existing …

DHTMLX 2.5 Beta 2 Is Available

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We would like to announce the release of DHTMLX v2.5 beta 2. This version demonstrates some new functionality and enhancements which will be available in the upcoming upgrade. We made the beta available for public access, so you can play around with the new features and see what to expect in DHTMLX 2.5.