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dhtmlxVault: When and How to Use File Upload Component

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If you plan to create a web application that, among the other useful features, allows a user to upload some files to the server, you should take care of neat and handy upload component. In this case, dhtmlxVault is exactly what you need, and would be a great add-on to dhtmlxSuite library. Let’s take a …

dhtmlxSuite 4.5.1 and dhtmlxVault 2.4.1 – Hot Fixes Released

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Thanks to our client’s reports, we were managed to determine and fix some important issues in dhtmlxForm and dhtmlxVault components. So, you are welcome to update your Suite (or just Form) packages to the version 4.5.1 and Vault to the version 2.4.1.

How To Improve DHTMLX Libraries? 3 Simple Ways

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As a follow-up to our news about DHTMLX Suite roadmap, we’d like to tell you how your suggestions can appear in new versions or on our public roadmap. It concerns not only dhtmlxSuite, but dhtmlxGantt, dhtmlxScheduler, dhtmlxVault and other components. So, do you have something to suggest?

DHTMLX Suite Roadmap: Plans, Wishes, Your Participation

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We decided to start a very good practice – we share our plans of dhtmlxSuite development in order you could be aware of what to expect. Moreover, we’d like you to take a part in this planning. In this post you’ll get know the near future of our library and learn how to influence on …

Ability to Download Uploaded Files with New dhtmlxVault 2.4

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We are happy to inform you that we released a new version of our JavaScript file uploader, dhtmlxVault 2.4. Ability to download files The most significant and demanded new feature in this version is the ability to download the files from Vault. You may check the demo here and the way to handle files downloading …

dhtmlxVault 2.3 ‐ More Features, More Abilities

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Due to feedbacks of our users and efforts of our development team, we are glad to introduce the updated version of dhtmlxVault, our JavaScript file upload component. The version 2.3 comes with a number of new powerful features: the ability to drop custom object (PRO Edition); onDrop event added (PRO Edition); the ability to load …

DHTMLX 4.0 Released with New Look and Faster Performance

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We are happy to introduce the release of DHTMLX 4.0, a complete JavaScript UI library. This update includes performance improvements, bug fixes and significant increasing in speed. Also the new release brings smooth rendering and improved look and feel provided by the redesigned skins. One of the important updates is the common way of data …

dhtmlxVault 2.1: Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes

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The minor update is available for dhtmlxVault, our JavaScript file upload library. Version 2.1 introduces a number of bug fixes and better support for IE. What’s new in dhtmlxVault 2.1: drag-and-drop functionality is fixed for IE11 strings.dnd added to customize the text that notifies the end user about the ability to drag-and-drop the files for …

dhtmlxVault 2.0: Multiple File Uploader with Drag-and-Drop

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We are happy to announce the release of dhtmlxVault 2.0, a JavaScript file upload widget that allows you to upload one or more files to a web server. Version 2.0 comes with drag-and-drop support, multiple file upload, new event system, and other great improvements. HTML5 Features The new version is based on HTML5 and supports …