Maintenance Release: PDF Export Module 0.6.3, Scheduler 7.0.2, Suite 8.3.8, Kanban 1.5.10, and Much More

The last month of winter is ending, so we are ready to share a new big pack of patch versions for DHTMLX products. In February, our development team prepared a range of fixes and improvements for all JavaScript components from our product line intended for project management apps and patches for Suite, Spreadsheet, and Rich Text Editor. Check out the details below.

DHTMLX Gantt and Scheduler: Updated PDF Export Module

This month, our team has rolled out a new version (v.0.6.3) of the export module to PDF. This update includes a range of improvements:

  • The base image for the Docker images now uses Node.js 20
  • The Dockerfile is optimized and the Docker image size is reduced
  • The template for DHTMLX Scheduler 7.0 is added
  • Export to Excel: Indents work for the columns with the tree parameter (now, only when specified in the columns parameter of the export function)

Please, bear in mind that these novelties are currently available only in the standalone export module. For the online exporting service, these updates will be added later.

DHTMLX Scheduler 7.0.1 – 7.0.2

7.0.1 (February 5, 2024)

  • Regression in the Units view that caused layout issues when a scheduler was displayed on the current date (Fixed)
  • The position of the Quick Info popup in the scrollable timeline is corrected (Done)
  • Incorrect positioning of the selected time slot by the Keyboard Navigation module when the RTL mode is active (Fixed)
  • The issue that prevented the creation of multi-day events in the Month view after performing a drag-resize action in the Day/Week views (Fixed)
  • The height of the multi-day section in the Day/Week views is now limited to 200px by default (Done)

7.0.2 (February 20, 2024)

  • Compatibility regressions with DHTMLX Suite (Fixed)
  • The regression affecting the mark_now marker in the Timeline view (Fixed)
  • The theme initialization problem that resulted in the incorrect Scheduler layout display in some scenarios (Fixed)
  • The issue where selected events in the Grid view lost their selection styling after sorting (Fixed)
  • The issue in the Timeline’s smart rendering mode that caused events to appear twice during drag and drop (Fixed)
  • Corrections in the Greek locale (Fixed)
  • Fixes of memory leaks to ensure Scheduler instances are properly released upon calling the destructor (Done)

Learn more in the documentation >

DHTMLX Suite 8.3.7 – 8.3.8

8.3.7 (February 13, 2024)

  • Combobox: improvements in the filtering logic. The filter type is changed: now the search is carried out by comparing all characters of the query string (Done)
  • Combobox: the change event firing for an empty value (Fixed)
  • Form: incorrect clearing of a read-only Combo (Fixed)
  • Form: the validate() method returns an incorrect value if there are no validation functions or attributes applied (Fixed)
  • Form: incorrect style of the input icon (Fixed)
  • Form: the input event with the inputType: “number” returns a string value (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: the issue with the comboFilter option size to allow entering a long text (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: incorrect width calculation in case of a big number of columns (Fixed)
  • Message: calculation of the tooltip position (Fixed)
  • Ribbon/Sidebar/Toolbar: the types issue with the IState (Fixed)
  • Ribbon/Toolbar: the DatePicker value can’t be cleared via the API (Fixed)

8.3.8 (February 26, 2024)

  • Calendar: localization of Timepicker is fixed (Done)
  • DataCollection/TreeCollection: the DataProxy config for the data driver in the CSV/XML format is replaced (Done)
  • DataCollection/TreeCollection:the functionality of the findIndex() method is optimized (Done)
  • Form: incorrect input of CJK characters if the form is placed into a layout (Fixed)
  • Form: incorrect work of the setProperties() method (Fixed)
  • Form: the padding of the Fieldset control (Fixed)
  • Form: incorrect work of the hide() method of the Fieldset control (Fixed)
  • Grid: navigation through the spanned cells with the Tab key (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: improved performance for a dataset with spans (Done)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: editing of spanned cells (Fixed)
  • Localization: issues with i18n import (Fixed)

Learn more in the documentation >

DHTMLX Kanban 1.5.9 – 1.5.10

1.5.9 (February 20, 2024)

  • Kanban affects other widget styles (Fixed)
  • Custom column submenu items with disabled: true are still active (Fixed)
  • Inability to set custom upload function for the Uploader control (Fixed)

1.5.10 (February 29, 2024)

  • Broken build on npm server (Fixed)
  • Add the select parameter into the duplicate-card event and the duplicateCard() method (Done)
  • Incorrect styles for the comment field in the Kanban editor (Fixed)
  • Regression in changing theme (Fixed)

Learn more in the documentation >

DHTMLX Event Calendar 2.1.8 – 2.1.10

2.1.8 (February 14, 2024)

  • Incorrect work of the “UNTIL” rule. Event Calendar skips the last instance of the series (Fixed)
  • The dragResize: false config shows the icon for resizing events (Fixed)
  • New calendars without specified colors include almost the same colors (Fixed)
  • When the exception in a recurring event is created, the update-event event receives an incomplete object (Fixed)
  • Displaying incorrect time after editing via the time picker (Fixed)
  • Extend localization with the meridianFormat property. (Done) Refer to the Localization guide for more information

2.1.9 (February 28, 2024)

  • All day events are displayed incorrectly in the Timeline mode (Fixed)
  • Broken trial build on npm server (Fixed)
  • The browser is crashed after double-clicking on the date in the Year view (Fixed)
  • Creating a recurring event causes a script error (Fixed)
  • Event changes are not tracked when using the Multiselect control in the editor (Fixed)
  • Incorrect values of STDATE and DTEND properties of recurring events after editing (Fixed)
  • The setConfig() method doesn’t refresh calendars (Fixed)
  • The Info block of the all-day event shows the incorrect time (Fixed)
  • Type script files are not included in the package (Fixed)

2.1.10 (February 28, 2024)

  • Broken trial build on the npm server (Fixed)

Learn more in the documentation >

DHTMLX To Do List 1.2.7 – 1.2.8

1.2.7 (February 6, 2024)

  • Problem with pressing Enter when renaming a project (Fixed)
  • Problem with pressing Enter when searching for projects (Fixed)
  • Overriding wx styles when using complex widgets. (Fixed) Refer to the Stylization guide for details.

1.2.8 (February 29, 2024)

  • Broken build on the npm server (Fixed)

Learn more in the documentation >

DHTMLX Spreadsheet 5.1.5

5.1.5 (February 13, 2024)

  • Pasting a cell containing zeros creates an empty cell (Fixed)
  • Copying and then pasting an empty cell throws an error (Fixed)
  • The setValue() functionality for the common format (Fixed)
  • Saving the id of a sheet during serialization and returning it by the afterAction event (Fixed)
  • Cross-sheet formula usage via UI (Fixed)
  • Ctrl+F search (Fixed)

Learn more in the documentation >

DHTMLX Rich Text 1.1.8

1.1.8 (February 1, 2024)

  • The appearance of the “link” control settings (Fixed)
  • The conversion of color formats. Now colors are converted from HEX to RGB during HTML serialization (Fixed)

Learn more in the documentation >

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Not long ago, we also released the long-awaited DHTMLX Scheduler 7.0. If you missed this major update, check out the release article.

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