Optimus - fast JavaScript micro-framework for DHTMLX Based Apps

dhxOptimus is the best JavaScript micro-framework for developing web applications based on dhtmlxSuite library.

It's a lightweight and simple js framework for developers who want to build apps with less coding and faster.

Optimus framework

Simple code maintenance. High flexibility.

Modern Approach of Building DHTMLX Apps

Optimus is based on the modern approaches of web development: ES6 classes, JavaScript modules, webpack module bundler.

Web development

Independent Parts Work Seamlessly Together

An application consists of several modules, each of which includes the description of the interface (a view) as well as the logic of data processing and interacting with other views of the application.

Create Once, Use Everywhere

Create several applications and use them together as modules of one large application.

Web applications
Back-end technologies

Back-end for Any Taste

No special requirements for the server side, so you can use any backend technology (PHP, Java, .NET, Node.js, etc.)

Easy localization

Make your app multilingual! Localization is implemented on the base of the Polyglot.js helper library.

Apps localization