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dhtmlxTreeGrid v1.0 Released

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DHTMLX released new cross-browser JavaScript data-entry control dhtmlxTreeGrid v1.0. This DHTML component combines tabular and hierarchical data representation and allows creating of collapsible tables with multiple cell types, rich API and Ajax support. DHTMLX released new TreeGrid JavaScript control dhtmlxTreeGrid, the extension of its editable data grid dhtmlxGrid. This new component represents a combination of …

dhtmlxGrid Brings Power of Ajax into Dynamic Data Tables

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DHTMLX released new cross-browser JavaScript grid control dhtmlxGrid v1.0. This DHTML component allows web developers to organize tabular data into Ajax-based dynamic tables with rich API, client-side sorting, resizable columns and other powerful features. DHTMLX team is pleased to announce the release of dhtmlxGrid v1.0, new cross-browser JavaScript grid control. This AJAX-powered DHTML component represents …