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Editable Datagrid for Ruby on Rails Built with dhtmlxGrid

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NOTE: This tutorial is for RoR 2. If you’re using RoR 3, please see additional details here. We’ve also posted an updated tutorial for Ruby on Rails 4. This tutorial will show you how to display tabular data in Ruby on Rails with grid js library, dhtmlxGrid Standard Edition, which is available under GNU GPL. …

Export dhtmlxGrid to Excel

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UPDATE: Use the links below to download the newest version of the export packages: dhtmlxGrid-to-Excel for PHP dhtmlxGrid-to-Excel for Java dhtmlxGrid-to-Excel for ASP.NET   Having developed a way to export grid data to an external format, we found it hard to stop at just PDF. We have been often asked about the possibility of exporting …

Printing capabilities. Part 3. Grid-to-PDF Improvements.

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UPD: Download the most recent Grid-to-PDF packages for PHP, ASP.NET, and Java here. As we were developing printing functionality for dhtmlxScheduler, it made sense to incorporate all the new advantages into the existing Grid-to-PDF service, so here we go with Grid-to-PDF v0.2. The new version of the Grid-to-PDF solution supports Unicode, which means that printing …

Printing Grid Content

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UPD: Download the most recent Grid-to-PDF packages for PHP, ASP.NET, and Java here. If you’ve ever faced the problem of printing data from JavaScript datagrid, then this news will please you. At last we offer a solution for printing dhtmlxGrid content. Currently it works for PHP, but even if you develop in Java or Cold …

DHX Quick Tables. Pilot

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Update: DHX Quick Tables were deprecated. Now you can use DHTMLX JavaScript spreadsheet instead. The latest version of Quick Tables was released on November 5, 2010. To learn more, read this post or just download the latest package: Single PHP file installation or PHP/JavaScript sources. It’s a first step in our attempt to get the …

Grid + Gears = ?

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Translated from original posted on I’ve been trying to have a look at Google Gears in action, but always had some other fish to fry. You can hardly expect a user to agree on implementing some off-site plug-in developing a simple web-page. But if it is about developing for the Intranet, it doesn’t come …

Two-week dhtmlxTreeGrid Experience

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What one can learn about dhtmlxTreeGrid after using it for a couple of weeks? This evaluation version feedback is likely to save your “couple of weeks” or at least it could be of interest for those who consider using this component… There were a few things we were looking for at the onset of our …

dhtmlxSuite Updated, Build Dynamic Data-Driven Grids from XML, CSV or JSON

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DHTMLX announces the latest update of its dhtmlxSuite, a professional Ajax components toolkit for web UI. The major updates concern Grid and Treegrid components and include a large number of new features and improvements, including the ability to load data from JSON and JS-array, smart rendering and paging support for hierarchical data grids. Also a …

dhtmlxGrid Updated and New Components Introduced

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We’re pleased to inform that we have released a new build 80319 for dhtmlxGrid/TreeGrid v1.5. This update features a few bug fixes, along with some enhancements and Safari 3.1 compatibility. Also, two new DHTMLX components are introduced: dhtmlxWindows – DHTML JavaScript component which allows one to easily implement modal or non-modal dialog windows. dhtmlxWindows simulate …

New version of dhtmlxGrid Released

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We released a new version 1.4 of dhtmlxGrid, an Ajax-enabled JavaScript grid with sophisticated functionality and ability to work with any server-side technology including PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, Java and Rails. The main enhancements include auto-resizing feature, clipboard support for FF, improved Safari compatibility and new advanced cell-editors. The update of Ajax web ui component dhtmlxGrid …