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DHTMLX-Gii Code Generator for Yii Framework 2

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Yii is an open source and fast web application PHP framework. Yii includes a Web-based code generation tool called Gii which is used for quick generation of models, forms, modules, CRUD, etc. To extend the functionality of Gii, you can customize the existing code generators or write completely new generators based on your needs. We …

DHTMLX Customer Spotlight: dhtmlxSuite in Christmas List Manager

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customer say

Christmas is all around us! And one of DHTMLX users, Monty Scroggins, developed a very useful application for tracking Christmas gifts. Read the full article to get learn more about it! Christmas List Manager is a full featured web application that can be used to track and manage gifting year after year. It is quick, …

DHTMLX Little-Known Features: Grouping Data in dhtmlxGrid

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There are so many features available in our JavaScript grid control and it is so difficult to pick up the one to tell you about! In this article we would like to remind you about the possibility to group data in dhtmlxGrid. There are two option to do this: you can group data by rows …

Using DHTMLX Grid with Ruby on Rails

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This is the update for the previous tutorial that explains how to use dhtmlxGrid with Ruby on Rails backend. We have rewritten this tutorial to be up to date with the latest RoR version. By following this step-by-step instructions, you will get an editable grid that loads its data from Ruby on Rails and saves …

How to Add Rating Bar in dhtmlxGrid

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This quick tutorial leads you through the steps of adding a simple star rating bar in a cell of dhtmlxGrid. You’ll learn how to create a custom exCell (“extended cell”) that allows the end users to view/set the rating of an item in our JavaScript datagrid. Download the demo with a star rating bar in …

Creating an Editable Grid with DHTMLX and Node.js

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Node.js is a flexible JavaScript platform that’s becoming more and more popular these days. In the previous article, we have described how it can be used with MongoDB. However, you can use Node.js with relational databases as well. It may require a bit more coding but it still results in a quick and flexible solution. …

Loading Speed Tests Show The Fastest JavaScript Grid

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While rich internet technologies are developing and improving, people expect web apps to provide desktop-like performance and user experience. Since data grids are one of the most important part of enterprise web apps, we have decided to check how quickly the popular JavaScript grids are loaded on a page with a large number of rows …

Export to PDF/Excel Functionality Updated

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Export to PDF functionality for dhtmlxScheduler is now available for ASP.NET (in addition to PHP and Java services). If you are using dhtmlxScheduler with ASP.NET and need to print your event calendar, there is now an easy and quick way for it.   Grid-to-Excel export library for ASP.NET has also been updated. We’ve fixed the …

Grid-to-PDF and Grid-to-Excel Now Available for ASP.NET

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We’re happy to introduce an ASP.NET version of export feature for dhtmlxGrid. If you are using dhtmlxGrid in your ASP.NET application or website, you can now easily transfer the grid data to Excel or PDF. The export result preserves the structure and layout of the original grid. Download the packages which contain the files necessary …

dhtmlxSpreadsheet: Easy-to-Use Ajax Spreadsheet

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Offering the tools that make the life of a web developer easier, we would like to introduce another helper – dhtmlxSpreadsheet. It can save a lot of time for those who need to integrate, manage, and share web-based data tables on the web. Unlike online services (Google Docs, etc.), dhtmlxSpreadsheet can be installed on your …