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DHTMLX-Gii Code Generator for Yii Framework 2

3 min read
Yii is an open source and fast web application PHP framework. Yii includes a Web-based code generation tool called Gii which is used for quick generation of models, forms, modules, CRUD, etc. To extend the functionality of Gii...

Using DHTMLX Grid with Ruby on Rails

8 min read
This is the update for the previous tutorial that explains how to use dhtmlxGrid with Ruby on Rails backend. We have rewritten this tutorial to be up to date with the latest RoR version. By following these step-by-step instruc...

How to Add Rating Bar in dhtmlxGrid

3 min read
This quick tutorial leads you through the steps of adding a simple star rating bar in a cell of dhtmlxGrid. You'll learn how to create a custom exCell ("extended cell") that allows the end users to view/set the rating of an it...

Export to PDF/Excel Functionality Updated

1 min read
Export to PDF functionality for dhtmlxScheduler is now available for ASP.NET (in addition to PHP and Java services). If you are using dhtmlxScheduler with ASP.NET and need to print your calendar, there is now an easy and quick...
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