3 JavaScript Projects You Can Build With DHTMLX Suite

In this article, we review several new demo apps based on DHTMLX Suite. You can use any of the foregoing templates and improve your functionality with other JavaScript UI widgets, starting with a free 30-day trial.

KPI Tracking Demo

Dealing with key performance indicators (KPIs) will enable your users to track their efficiency in a number of key areas thus forming a deeper understanding of the business’ inner workings. Such systems help to improve employee productivity and boost commercial success.

The KPI tracking system by DHTMLX allows monitoring sales managers’ performance. The dashboard includes a list of sales reps and their average deal values, as well as a set of charts, each displaying particular KPI metrics.

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JavaScript KPI dashboard by DHTMLX

Having used the DHTMLX JavaScript chart library, we attached fully configurable widgets to monitor the percentage of calls and emails per rep, win/loss ratio, yearly onboarding, and sales growth by region. However, you can add any of 10+ charts or set other indicators to empower users to focus their resources on them.

Hospital Management System Demo

A hospital management system (HMS) is a necessity for today’s healthcare providers since it enables handling different areas of clinic workflow as well as speeding up hospital routine. HMS automates many vital daily processes and allows working with data related to all healthcare departments, including clinical, laboratory, inpatient, outpatient, financial, etc.

Our hospital management system dashboard is built with JavaScript/HTML5 UI widgets and can be integrated into your project to guarantee smooth coordination between medical personnel thus ensuring patient-oriented workflow.

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hospital management system demo

Hospital beds allocation

DHTMLX healthcare demo app provides two views that users can switch between via a tab control. The first section contains information on patient care, built with the TreeGrid control. It’s presented as a nested list with rooms and beds available, by which hospital staff can control patient allocation, monitor patient vitals, manage patient records, and render necessary medical care in time.

Moreover, hospital staff can add a patient by filling an online form. The patient registration form includes different controls (input fields, radio buttons, combo boxes, and date pickers) that are arranged in five semantic groups. Thus, users are able to create an extensive patient record that contains personal and insurance information, communication details, emergency contact, attending physician, and bed assigned.


Medical hierarchy diagram

The second section of the DHTMLX hospital management demo app displays a medical hierarchy chart built with our JavaScript diagramming library. It contains a number of cards, each of which shows staff photos, name, position, phone number, and email address. Users can expand or collapse the org chart branches and search for a necessary specialist by applying filters.

Online Exam Demo

An assessment and examination software is designed to automate testing processes and allow students to take quizzes online. An online exam template by DHTMLX can be used to build a complete educational software system where teachers can assess their students’ knowledge on a given topic.

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Nested list with exams

Our online exam demo app can be used by teachers or tutors where they can create tests with an unlimited amount of questions and determine their type enabling students to choose one correct answer, multiple answers, and even fill in the blank. Besides, exams can be assigned with a subject, difficulty level, and average test time.

Form with exam questions

Form with exam questions

You’re free to improve DHTMLX demo functionality. Thus, for example, you may add a timer to the test, allow teachers to set the number of attempts, display test results immediately after the completion, and much more.

We’ve reviewed the newest demo apps built with the Suite library of 25+ UI widgets. Each demo app can be downloaded and evaluated for free during the 30-day trial period. However, if you would like to continue using our demo in your project after the evaluation expires, you should purchase the DHTMLX Suite license.

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