Maintenance Release of dhtmlxGantt 6.0.2 [PRO]

As promised, we’ve delivered a maintenance release of our JavaScript Gantt chart library with updated TypeScript definitions and several important fixes soon after the November major version of dhtmlxGantt 6.0 rolled out.

Updated type definitions are already available at @types/dhtmlxgantt (
This release brings them up to date with dhtmlxGantt v6.0 API.

The list of 6.0.2 fixes:

  • (fixed) ReferenceError: getResourceAssignments is not defined when importing Gantt into Vue.js project
  • (fixed) Script error on deleting task after assigning resource to it via resource form
  • (fixed) JS error in resource diagram after second initialization of Gantt
  • (fixed) Script error on toggle timeline visibility when marker extension is used
  • (fixed) Page freeze on gantt.parse if tasks tree contains cyclic references, script error is thrown instead

V6.0.2 is available for PRO customers in their Client Area. We’ll also send a notification about the release via email.

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