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Maintenance release: Gantt 7.0.9, Suite 6.5.3, Pivot 1.4.4

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DHTMLX maintenance release

It’s sad to say that summer is over, but the good news is that we’ve prepared for you a new package of updates for our products. While our development team applies finishing touches to the upcoming release of DHTMLX Gantt 7.1, users of our Gantt component can benefit from numerous fixes and improvements described below. …

Exporting Methods for DHTMLX Gantt. Preview of Export Module Update

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Exporting is a highly-demanded addition for any JavaScript library intended for project management applications, and our Gantt component also supports this feature. Project managers frequently convert Gantt charts into PDF, PNG, Excel, iCal, MS Project, or Oracle’s Primavera to handle their projects more efficiently. For example, charts exported to PDF/PNG can be printed or sent …

DHTMLX Suite 6.5: TypeScript Definitions, Grid and TreeGrid Columns’ Drag-n-Drop, Grouping TreeGrid Data, and New Angular Demo

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DHTMLX Suite 6.5

The summer season at DHTMLX opens with a major release of our JavaScript UI library – Suite 6.5. The update accommodated some highly demanded features requested by our clients like TypeScript support, grouping TreeGrid data, and drag-n-drop of columns in Grid and TreeGrid. Besides, our development team designed new examples of using Suite UI components …

DHTMLX Diagram 3.0: Auto-Layout Algorithm, Smooth Configuration of Custom Shapes, and Fully Customizable Diagram Editors

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DHTMLX Diagram 3.0

The major release 3.0 delivered a breakthrough in the functionality of DHTMLX JavaScript diagramming library. The new version introduced an auto-layout algorithm for automatically arranging randomly placed diagram shapes in a neat order in a matter of seconds. Other novelties include a brand new configuration property for applying default settings to all shapes at once, …

DHTMLX Maintenance Release: Gantt 6.3.3, Scheduler 5.3.4, Scheduler.Net 4.0.2

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DHTMLX maintenance updates

The last significant updates of 2019 have already been delivered. DHTMLX Gantt released v6.3 with decimal durations of tasks, MS Project-like link formatting, and smart rendering update. The diagramming library acquired new customization possibilities. The Suite UI library rolled out keyboard navigation in Grid and custom HTML content in data and navigation components. However, the …