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Online Examination System Project in JavaScript

Ready-made HTML/JavaScript online exam template built with feature-rich and customizable Suite UI widgets

online examination system project in javascript
exam template html
online testing platform

This is an example of an online examination system project developed with the following DHTMLX Suite components: TreeGrid, Grid, Form, DatePicker, ComboBox, Layout, Sidebar, Toolbar.

UI Widgets for Developing Online Examination System

treegrid widget for exam management
TreeGrid for convenient exam management
With the DHTMLX TreeGrid widget, you can build a hierarchical tree table for convenient work with a large number of exams. Tutors can group exams by subjects, filter, and sort data as well as export data to Excel. The component provides advanced drag-and-drop, allows working with frozen columns and editing content right in the cells. DHTMLX TreeGrid appearance is completely customizable. You can create custom CSS classes and apply them to the elements you'd like to modify.
online examination form
Form for online examination
By using our modern UI library, you can create a feature-rich online examination form in JavaScript. DHTMLX Form supports data validation and contains plenty of adjustable and easy-to-use controls, including buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, combo boxes, textarea, input fields, etc. You can equip your form with a time or date picker, slider, and file uploader. All controls can be arranged in blocks united by a common purpose.
datepicker in online exam template
DatePicker for selecting examination dates
You can add a date picker to your HTML exam template, allowing end-users to quickly select necessary date values. DHTMLX datepicker has month, year, and the default calendar view options. You can display numbers of weeks, highlight certain dates, and disable dates to restrict the date selection. Our datepicker widget supports custom date format, provides multilingual support, and can be used as a date range selection tool.
combobox component
ComboBox for simple navigation
DHTMLX ComboBox component is written in pure JavaScript code and will undoubtedly improve your online examination system. It allows you to add a feature-rich select box that shows suggestions while an end-user is entering text in the input. Users may select several options at once and see a number of selected items. You can set custom filtering rules, add icons or other HTML elements to the list items, and entirely modify its look and feel.
toolbar for javascript exam template
Toolbar for online exam template
DHTMLX toolbar contains the list of controls for performing various operations like adding new exams or tracking the number of students and groups. The structure of the toolbar can be smoothly modified and allows you to set any custom functionality to be performed with the exam template. You can add custom HTML content, buttons equipped with icons or badges, input fields, drop-down lists, etc.

Features of JavaScript/HTML Exam Template

  • Add new exam
  • Assign a subject, difficulty level, due date, cost
  • Set a type of response (one or more correct answers)
  • Filter the list of exams by name, subject, difficulty level, due date and status (active/hidden)
  • View, edit and delete an exam
  • Filter the list of students by name, group, date, exam, and results (passed/failed)
  • Take an online exam
  • Login as Admin, Teacher or Student

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