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Hospital Management System in JavaScript

Build effective and patient-centric hospital management software based on JavaScript with DHTMLX

hospital management system in javascript
patient registration form in hospital management system
hospital management hierarchy diagram

You see an example of a hospital management system dashboard built with Suite components: TreeGrid, DatePicker, Tabbar, Layout, Form, and ComboBox. Our healthcare demo app contains an org chart created with DHTMLX diagram library to visualize a hospital management hierarchy.

UI Components for Building Hospital Management System

hospital bed allocation
Treegrid with Info about Hospital Beds Allocation
As one of the basic components of the majority of modern dashboards, TreeGrid enables processing of large data volumes presented in nested tree tables. The widget provides advanced drag-and-drop, ability to work with frozen columns and mark cells with min and max values. Users can filter and sort content, create an unlimited number of rows as well as export data to Excel.
javascript datepicker
Built-in DatePicker to Record Patient Admission and Discharge
You can attach a date picker control to a text input field to show a popup with a calendar when a user clicks on it. DHTMLX DatePicker allows configuring a first day of the week, setting inactive dates, adding numbers of weeks, and selecting a range of dates. Plus, you can set a custom date format and add a time picker for a more precise selection of date and time.
patient registration form
Patient Registration Form
Our Form widget can contain plenty of adjustable and easy-to-use controls (buttons, checkboxes, combo boxes, input fields, radio buttons, select boxes, and text areas) that can be arranged in semantic groups. Moreover, you can attach color, date, and time pickers, equip your form with a slider and built-in file upload control. DHTMLX Form allows developers to add predefined validation rules to an input or text area or set notification messages to provide a hint, inform users about errors or success.
combobox in javascript
ComboBox to Select Appropriate Patient Indices
With dhtmlxComboBox, you can add an advanced select box that displays suggestions when a user starts entering some text in an input. Users are able to select multiple options and see the number of selected items. Our component allows setting custom filtering rules and specifying templates for list items. You can modify the look of the input field, add icons or other HTML elements to the list, and load data from JSON and JavaScript.
javascript tab control
Tabbar with Patients and Doctors Views
You can keep several groups of content together and navigate between them in a quick and handy way by allowing users to switch between parts of your web app. DHTMLX tab control has an adjustable structure. You can place tabs vertically or horizontally, add them to the top or bottom, to the right or left side of the page. dhtmlxTabbar provides you with full control over the size of tabs, the ability to add a close button for each tab, and show tabs without content.

Features of Hospital Management System Project

  • Bed status filtering (available, occupied)
  • Filtering by room number
  • Filtering by required patient care (take samples, give meds, etc.)
  • Sorting by diagnosis
  • Sorting by admission date
  • Ability to hide and show nested cells
  • Creating a patient record with personal information, emergency contact, and insurance information
  • Assigning a doctor and free bed to the patient
  • Ability to edit or delete a patient record
  • Marking cells with min and max values
  • Generating a hospital org chart
  • UI and features provided by customizable Suite components
  • Modern appearance (Material design)

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