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JavaScript/HTML Dashboard Framework

JavaScript dashboard layout is a set of highly customizable components
organized in a neat order for creating comprehensive dashboards for enterprise software and other web apps.

This Material design dashboard is an example of a CRM system, where customer requests are assigned to different departments such as technical support, sales, marketing, and account management teams. It was developed using the following DHTMLX Suite components: Grid, Charts, DataView, Layout, and Toolbar.

UI Components for Building JavaScript Dashboards

Here are five main UI components, which lay the foundation of any web dashboard - for marketing, sales, analytics, project management, CRM or any other purpose. Easily assembled, configured and customized to meet the needs of your apps.

Layout demo screen
Our JavaScript dashboard layout allows attaching all DHTMLX components as well as any kind of custom content to its cells and arranging them the way you need. Layout elements can be flawlessly resized, collapsed or hidden from the UI. Due to a rich API and extensive customization opportunities, it’s easy to achieve a unique look and feel of your web apps.
Being the core component in the majority of dashboard frameworks, Grid ensures lightning-fast data processing and visualization. Use cases can vary from building simple slick tables to creating complex editable tables with multiline header and footer, frozen columns, what not. Users can drag-n-drop Grid rows, edit its cells, sort and filter its content, and export data to Excel or CSV.
Local module
Layout demo screen
Layout demo screen
The Charts library provides diverse types of charts and graphs for data visualization from common bar and pie charts to specialized radar and scatter charts. Therefore, you can develop manifold business-oriented apps. The color scheme, legend, scales, and labels can be styled according to the design of your HTML dashboard template. Charts may show data in real time reflecting all the recent changes.
Another indispensable component of any web dashboard is DataView, which represents mingled content in a structured and appealing way. Thus, you can arrange images, titles, plain text, numbers, icons, and any imaginable elements inside tidy blocks. Users can manage them with the help of multiselection, drag-n-drop, editing, and key navigation.
Layout demo screen
Layout demo screen
Toolbar contributes to a straightforward and smooth navigation across your interactive JavaScript dashboard. It supplies users with plenty of controls for various actions: adding and deleting items, switching languages, previewing content, searching for data, and triggering menus. Everything depends on your particular needs, as toolbar API is able to implement any controls for any purpose.

Other JavaScript/HTML Dashboard Templates

DHTMLX Suite includes 25+ components for creating fully-fledged web apps for business, manufacturing,
government, education, healthcare, and other realms.


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