Car Rental Calendar Demo
in HTML5/JavaScript and PHP/MySQL

Live Demo

This is JavaScript/PHP car rental calendar demo for managing car reservations in trendy material design and basic set of features. The demo is implemented using dhtmlxScheduler, HTML5/JavaScript UI booking calendar, PHP backend and MySQL as a database.

Features of car rental calendar

  • Car types filtering (compact, mid-size, full-size, sports car)
  • Filtering by price
  • Filtering by availability of a car
  • Ability to choose pick up and drop off dates
  • Different task colors based on rental status (reserved, prepaid, paid)
  • Week, 2 Weeks and Months views
  • Ability to jump to the current date using the Today button
  • Intuitive drag-n-drop interface
  • PHP backend
  • UI and features provided by customizable Scheduler component
  • Modern appearance (Material design)

This is a demo application and it could be extended according on your needs.

Why to Use dhtmlxScheduler for PHP Car Rental Application

Lightweight component with intuitive interface. You can create neat and fast web calendars with drag-and-drop support.
Due to high customization abilities of our JavaScript calendar, you can extend hotel booking system functionality by adding any custom elements you need.
dhtmlxScheduler is cross-browser and cross-platform UI component, so it works well on all major browsers and different devices.
Rich JavaScript API gives you the ability to completely change the appearance of the calendar based on your design needs.
Simple integration with any server-side technology. You can create php reservation calendar using your favourite PHP framework and REST API.
This js scheduler calendar provides accessibility features such as high-contrast skins, WAI-ARIA support and keyboard navigation.


The Scheduler demo files in the package are covered by the terms of evaluation license. You can use them for evaluation purposes for free for 30 days. To use dhtmlxScheduler in your proprietary project, you need to obtain Commercial or Enterprise license. For more details visit licenses page or contact a purchase support representative.


We provide comprehensive documentation with technical samples. Moreover, our dedicated support team is fast and qualified. Find the suitable way to get support:

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