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GUI for Hotel Management System

Flexible and user-friendly hotel management system built with JavaScript components from DHTMLX Suite library

GUI for hotel management system

This hotel management system is an example of a web application that allows users to visualize hotel occupancy, monitor check-ins, and receive notifications. It was built with the following Suite components: Layout, Grid, List, Toolbar, Sidebar, and Calendar.

Features of HTML/JavaScript Hotel Management System

  • Display the room timeline on specific dates
  • Add and delete a reservation
  • Edit information in any cell of the grid
  • Change room status
  • Sort room reservations in the ascending or descending order
  • Monitor the latest requests and new reviews

UI Components for Building Hotel Management Project

layout template
Layout to arrange all components on a webpage
DHTMLX Layout as a key part of the Suite library allows attaching all other UI widgets and arranging them on a webpage the way you need. You can create horizontal, vertical, and mixed layouts, add custom HTML content as well as collapse, resize, or hide any layout element. It's easy to build unique web interfaces by using a rich API and extensive customization opportunities.
grid widget
Grid for accurate room management
dhtmlxGrid provides an efficient yet flexible way to build tables of any complexity. You can add multiline headers and footers, set frozen columns, apply column editors such as a checkbox or combobox, and much more. Users may edit Grid cells, sort and filter its content, drag-and-drop rows, and export data to Excel or CSV.
javascript list component
List for displaying items in an organized order
Using our List component, you are able to arrange multiple objects with similar properties within a single container while also processing large volumes of data by configuring dynamic rendering. The control provides support for multiselection of items, drag-n-drop of items, arrow keys navigation, lazy loading as well as ample opportunities for customization.
js calendar for room timeline monitoring
Calendar for fast and convenient room timeline monitoring
Our Calendar widget allows end-users to view and select necessary dates in 3 modes: dates of one month, months of the year, and years. You can show numbers of weeks, block or highlight dates, and attach any HTML object such as a time picker in the 12- or 24-hour format. Moreover, placing two components together allows end-users to select a date range with the start date on the first calendar and the end date on the second one.
sidebar navigation menu
Sidebar for handy vertical navigation in your hotel management project
dhtmlxSidebar component comprises a variety of controls (buttons, image buttons, input fields, comboboxes, etc.) that can be managed via a rich API. Thus, you can add, remove or rearrange sidebar's controls, hide or disable them, add tooltips. You may easily load a set of controls into the sidebar in the JSON format together with their configuration properties.

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