Ignite Your Startup with the New DHTMLX Program: 70% Off Our Top JS Components

The growing complexity of business processes in today’s era of digitalization demands the use of modern software with advanced functionalities. When starting a new business undertaking on the web, many startup teams face the problem of the implementation cost of such projects and simply get stuck at the very beginning. The development of such solutions from scratch requires much time and effort, while investing in ready-made products may not match a start-up budget.

Understanding how hard it is to make the first step on the road to success, the DHTMLX team came up with the idea to launch a special program for startup businesses, offering a 70% discount for popular DHTMLX libraries.

Basics and Benefits of the DHTMLX Startup Program

We at DHTMLX have been providing high-quality JavaScript libraries for developing feature-packed business apps for more than 15 years. During this time, our products helped many companies worldwide achieve their coding goals much faster and continue contributing to their further developments. Numerous advantages of using DHTMLX components are most vividly expressed in the success stories of our customers.

Today, especially in times of instability and unpredictability, our JavaScript UI components can become a game-changer for many startups, allowing them to minimize their spending and reduce development time. The main idea behind our program is to give starters an opportunity to take advantage of top DHTMLX products with 70% discounts at the early stages of their projects. The program participants will be able to benefit from our JavaScript Gantt, Scheduler, and Suite widgets to speed up the development of a business app with advanced functional capabilities.

DHTMLX components allow startups to:

  • develop and test products tens of times faster
  • reduce their time-to-market
  • save time and effort for other critical activities like product promotion and business development
  • implement the right features at the right time to get a competitive edge

DHTMLX program for startups
Here are the prices for each DHTMLX component included in the program with the applied discount:

  • DHTMLX Gantt – $569 $1899
  • DHTMLX Scheduler – $539 $1799
  • DHTMLX Suite – $659 $2199

Under the program, each participant will be granted a 1-year startup license for up to three developers.

Apart from a great discount, we also offer the following benefits as a part of the program:

  • Qualified tech support during the license period to quickly kickstart the development of your product and successfully resolve any issues
  • Possibility to use the DHTMLX components in SaaS projects with an unlimited number of end-users
  • Huge base of support materials (demos, snippets, tutorials, etc.) to make the developer’s life much easier

Thus, startup teams get a great addition to their technology stacks for delivering modern business apps.

How to Take Part in the Startup Program

All the benefits of participating in our program look very attractive, don’t they? But as you may have guessed, there are certain requirements for those who want to join our program. The main and most logical requirement is that only startups can be enlisted as participants in the program. All other information required for considering potential candidates for our program will be asked to be provided in the questionnaire. After analyzing the presented data, we’ll get back with the answer in a couple of business days.

We also prepared the FAQ section with answers to popular questions regarding the program and a separate section with the startup license terms.

This program is a new and exciting experience for the whole DHTMLX team. We hope this initiative will help startup companies and individuals materialize their ideas into successful web projects.

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