Maintenance Release: Scheduler 7.0.3, Suite 8.3.9, Kanban 1.5.11

Sunny greetings to all from the DHTMLX team! Today we are going to bring you up to date on the latest maintenance releases of our products. In March, our development team delivered patch versions with fixes and improvements for Scheduler, Suite, and Kanban JavaScript libraries. Check out the details below.

DHTMLX Scheduler 7.0.3

7.0.3 (March 15, 2024)

  • The issue with the textColor property not applying in the Month view (Fixed)
  • The color property is not functioning in the Agenda view (Fixed)
  • An error occurred when using keyboard navigation in Day and Timeline views (Fixed)

Learn more in the documentation >

DHTMLX Suite 8.3.9

8.3.9 (March 18, 2024)

  • Date: сonsole errors when used on iOS 16.3 in Safari (Fixed)
  • Form: validation for the DatePicker and Select controls (Fixed)
  • Form: false rendering of components with the hidden:true property (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: not displaying tooltips in the spanned footer (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: initializing a grid in a web component breaks the inputFilter usage (Fixed)
  • Grid/TreeGrid: pressing Enter in the input filter triggers the afterSort event (Fixed)
  • Layout: the destructor() method of the parent doesn’t destruct the nested components (Fixed)

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DHTMLX Kanban 1.5.11

1.5.11 (March 25, 2024)

  • Kanban CSS variables of the Dark willow skin are lost for Toolbar and Portals (Fixed)
  • Comments and votes changes are not applied to form values when autosave is disabled (Fixed)
  • The custom column submenu receives null in the onClick function argument (Fixed)
  • Unable to set an editable mode for Datepickers in Editor (Fixed)
  • Console warnings in Kanban examples (Fixed)

Learn more in the documentation >

Download the latest versions of our libraries and test them free of charge for 30 days:

Our current clients may find the updated packages in their Client’s Area.

Also, we’ve recently rolled out DHTMLX Vault 5.0. If you missed this major update, check out the release article.

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