DHTMLX Celebrates New Awards in G2’s Spring 2024 Reports

The whole DHTMLX team has the feeling of great inspiration and enthusiasm not only because of the warmer and sunnier weather but also thanks to the lasting support from our customers. Great reviews on our DHTMLX products posted on the G2 help us rank high in the platform’s quarterly reports. In the recent Spring 2024 edition, we are happy to win valuable awards in categories for project management tools and component libraries.

Grid Report for Project Management Tools

DHTMLX-  Leader award
Our company has gained a reputation and trust in the development community thanks largely to our versatile JavaScript components for building project management apps. According to the G2 data, DHTMLX has a large market presence and higher than average rankings in multiple satisfaction criteria such as quality of support (95%), ease of use (94%), meeting requirements (96%), etc. It is great to see that our strong position in this niche is backed up with this fantastic award.

Implementation Index for Component Libraries

DHTMLX - Highest User Adoption award
Making our products maximally user-friendly has always been one of our key priorities. The Highest User Adoption award proves that we are moving in the right direction toward this goal. But it is always an ongoing process and we will continue optimizing our JavaScript libraries to make them even more convenient for both web developers and end-users.

Grid Report for Component Libraries

DHTMLX - High Performer
In the latest Grid Report for Component Libraries, we were included in the list of high performers once again. High customer satisfaction rates played a key role in our success here as well. We want to point out that the majority of users praise DHTMLX for ease of doing business with ( 99%) and have no doubts that we are moving in the right direction in our line of work.

With 41 reviews rated 4.7 out of 5 stars, we also earned one more pleasant additional award called “Users Love Us”.

DHTMLX - Users Love Us

Apart from that, G2 also included DHTMLX in the list of the top 7 easiest-to-use component libraries software.

Wrapping Up

It is great to maintain a presence on the G2 platform and receive awards for several years in a row. But as it is said, there is always room for improvement. We continue planning and delivering the requested features for our products and hope that our efforts will help improve your experience with DHTMLX.

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