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DHX Quick Tables. Pilot

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Update: DHX Quick Tables were deprecated. Now you can use DHTMLX JavaScript spreadsheet instead. The latest version of Quick Tables was released on November 5, 2010. To learn more, read this post or just download the latest package: Single PHP file installation or PHP/JavaScript sources. It’s a first step in our attempt to get the …

Using dhtmlxCombo for Searching Locations with Google Maps

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Recently I was faced with having to add a location search mechanism to our application. My given task was short and clear: “We need to enter a few chars here and see the list of matching locations there…” I nodded, made myself a cup of coffee, and started thinking about how I was going to …

Grid + Gears = ?

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Translated from original posted on I’ve been trying to have a look at Google Gears in action, but always had some other fish to fry. You can hardly expect a user to agree on implementing some off-site plug-in developing a simple web-page. But if it is about developing for the Intranet, it doesn’t come …