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JavaScript/HTML5 Line & Spline Charts for Effective Forecasting

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This article is a part of the series about DHTMLX JavaScript and HTML5 Charts – providing insights and best practices for the most popular graph types. Today, we’ll try to find out what a line chart is used for and what design tricks are needed to provide a better user experience. Test our charting library …

JavaScript Pie Chart and How to Use It Properly

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We continue learning about the DHTMLX Chart library. In this article, we explain the basic principles of a JavaScript pie chart and characterize the ways to use circle graphs effectively. You are free to try dhtmlxChart by downloading a 30-day trial version. Effective Tips to Create a Pie Chart Using JavaScript Widely used in presentations …

JavaScript Bar Chart: Exploring Data Visualization Techniques

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JavaScript bar charts by DHTMLX

DHTMLX Chart, a part of the modern Suite UI library, consists of different types of graphs. One of the most widely used is a javascript bar chart, which allows comparing data categories and seeing their changes over time. Try out dhtmlxChart by downloading a 30-day free trial. Where to Use JavaScript Bar Charts? A bar …

Customer Spotlight: dhtmlxTreeGrid for CESC-IT

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Customer Spotlight

Small things matter. We usually receive feedback and stories from our customers who use our big and solid libraries like dhtmlxGantt. However, this time we have a story devoted to dhtmlxTreeGrid, one of UI controls included in dhtmlxSuite. CESC-IT (CESC-IT Enginyeria del software), IT company from Catalonia, shared their experience of creating a successful solution …

DHTMLX Gantt Chart Updated to Version 2.1

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We are proud to introduce the new version of our JavaScript Gantt chart library, dhtmlxGantt 2.1. An updated version fixes the known bugs, works better with large data sets, and comes with a number of new features, such as milestones, custom configuration of the lightbox, non-linear time scale, etc. Some of the new and exciting …

DHTMLX 3.6 Released with New Great Features

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We are excited to announce the long awaited release of DHTMLX 3.6. This update is aimed to fix the known bugs and improve stability and performance of the DHTMLX UI components. This release brings new features to dhtmlxForm and dhtmlxChart, and introduces a new component – dhtmlxPopup. dhtmlxPopup With this new UI component, the DHTMLX …

DHTMLX 3.5: Build Visually Stunning, Real-Time Web Apps

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We are excited to announce the release of DHTMLX v.3.5, our JavaScript/Ajax component library. With this release, we focused on updating the design of the UI components and we hope that you’ll love the look of the new skin. We’ve also added powerful data processing capabilities, such as live updates functionality and offline support. Here …

DHTMLX Touch Mobile Framework Updated to Beta

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DHTMLX Touch support and development was discontinued when all DHTMLX components became adaptive. We are happy to announce the update of our DHTMLX Touch framework for mobile web apps. It is now available in Beta and provides the final JavaScript API that will be preserved in the official release. This update includes a new DataView …

dhtmlxChart Updated: Stacked, Series, and New Chart Types

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Even though the first official release of dhtmlxChart was introduced just 2 months ago, today we are ready to present its update pack. You will be pleasantly surprised by the various useful features we have added to our JavaScript charting library. Area Chart isOur first piece of good news is the announcement of a new …

dhtmlxChart: Quick and Easy-to-Use JavaScript Charts

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By creating our UI components, we’ve tried to provide you with a useful, out-of-the-box solution that saves you precious time and helps you to create outstanding web applications. Today we are happy to introduce a fresh member of the DHTMLX team – dhtmlxChart (go to the charts homepage to download the package and see live …

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