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Tree vs. TreeView: What’s the Difference

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dhtmlxTreeView has joined dhtmlx components crew recently. It’s a JavaScript tree menu component for displaying tree structure in your app. “But wait!”, you may say, “We’ve already had dhtmlxTree for these purposes. What Tree should we choose now?!” Continue reading to get the answer and to know what’s the difference between dhtmlxTree and dhtmlxTreeView, and …

Your Actual File System with dhtmlxFileSelector

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Not so long ago we presented a macro component for convenient selection of data from database. This time we’d like to share the similar solution, but the purpose of it is quite different – it provides the ability to read your file system easily. So, meet another DHTMLX mini component – dhtmlxFileSelector.

dhtmlxDataSelector: Macro-Component for Organizing Your Data

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Our team has developed several macro-components that won’t be officially included in the dhtmlxSuite package, but they represent some interesting and useful solutions that you can use in your apps. And today we are glad to introduce the first macro-component – dhtmlxDataSelector. What is dhtmlxDataSelector? dhtmlxDataSelector is a JavaScript component that will help you to …

Custom Scroll for DHTMLX Components

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With the latest version of DHTMLX, you can add custom scrolls to the DHTMLX components, such as Grid, Tree, Layout, DataView, and others. The custom scroll looks and behaves similar to scrolls on Mac OS. The scroll bar is hidden and appears when the user start scrolling. It also gets wider on mouse over. To …

Loading Speed Tests Show The Fastest JavaScript Grid

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While rich internet technologies are developing and improving, people expect web apps to provide desktop-like performance and user experience. Since data grids are one of the most important part of enterprise web apps, we have decided to check how quickly the popular JavaScript grids are loaded on a page with a large number of rows …

Cross-Browser JavaScript Message Library

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After introducing a new dhtmlxMessage component in DHTMLX 3.0 UI Library, we decided to enhance it and provide a complete solution for displaying dialog boxes on a web page. Using the code of dhtmlxMessage, we’ve created a lightweight JavaScript message library that is released under MIT license and can be used for free in any …

Autocompletion in IDEs for DHTMLX Library

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We have some exciting news for those of you who are used to work with IDEs and use the autocomplete feature. You now can enjoy autocomplete hints in your favorite IDE while you integrate the DHTMLX components into your web app. We provide the autocompletion plugins for Microsoft Visual Studio, PHPStorm, WebStorm, NetBeans, Aptana Studio, …

DHTMLX Java Tag Library by Mylaensys

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If you are a Java developer that uses DHTMLX components, check out the DHTMLX Java™ Tag Library created by Mylaensys. They offer a collection of easy-to-use custom tags to easily combine the power and flexibility of DHTMLX components with Java™ technology. The Tag library encapsulates the core DHTMLX functionality as simple tags, which are common …

Visual Designer for DHTMLX 3.0: Demo Video

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As we have already announced, the upcoming new version of the DHTMLX JavaScript library comes with a Visual Designer tool. We have prepared a video which demonstrates the capabilities of the UI designer and provides a quick introduction to the tool. Watch the Visual Designer in action and see how easy it is to build …