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Printing capabilities. Part 3. Grid-to-PDF Improvements.

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UPD: Download the most recent Grid-to-PDF packages for PHP, ASP.NET, and Java here. As we were developing printing functionality for dhtmlxScheduler, it made sense to incorporate all the new advantages into the existing Grid-to-PDF service, so here we go with Grid-to-PDF v0.2. The new version of the Grid-to-PDF solution supports Unicode, which means that printing …

Printing Capabilities. Part 2 – dhtmlxScheduler.

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About three months ago, we introduced a solution for converting dhtmlxGrid to PDF to provide the ability to print grid content. Now it’s time to do the same for dhtmlxScheduler, just as we promised. The Scheduler-to-PDF solution is in many ways similar to Grid-to-PDF. This is a stand-alone service that can work independently of the …

Introducing dhtmlxDataView: Flexible, Easy, Multipurpose

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Have you ever been faced with a need to display objects with the same set of properties and behavior? I’m sure you have. Lists of contacts, sets of documents or files, product catalogs for online stores, image collections, etc. When we first tried to create a solution to simplify this task, we ended up with …

dhtmlxForm. Filling the Gap.

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With the coming update of the DHTMLX library, we’re going to introduce a new component, which will be also available as a separate download. This component was probably missing in our library by accident, but now it’s time to fix it! This component is dhtmlxForm. By offering dhtmlxForm to our users, we plan to solve …

Printing Grid Content

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UPD: Download the most recent Grid-to-PDF packages for PHP, ASP.NET, and Java here. If you’ve ever faced the problem of printing data from JavaScript datagrid, then this news will please you. At last we offer a solution for printing dhtmlxGrid content. Currently it works for PHP, but even if you develop in Java or Cold …

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